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    Each day, I got many messages from people all over the world saying that they feel hard to understand the meaning of China post tracking status as all of them are shown in Chinese.

    Each day, I got many messages from people all over the world saying that they feel hard to understand the meaning of China post tracking status as all of them are shown in Chinese. And although there is a translation tool which enables them to translate it into other target languages, it seems not to work so well sometimes either as you will see odd translations which make you feel more confused.

    At first, I would explain every China Post tracking info in detail to every person who contacted me and do not understand Chinese but still want to figure out it in English. But soon I realized that this is not a long term business to do as it will occupy lots of my time in doing the same thing repeatedly. Therefore, I start thinking if there is any good way to help people try to understand tracking info from China post by themselves.

    After a short period time thinking, an idea did come into my mind. And that is to make a list of all typical China post tracking info in both Chinese and English for people to refer to. By this way, every person can grasp each China Post tracking info terms by themselves.

    So, in the past few days, I have collected and analyzed 1,000 China Post international packages tracking info obtained from TrackingMore data system. Below example shows typical China post tracking info that would appear when tracking China post parcels.

    Example of China Post tracking info in Chinese

    017-10-14 16:29,【泰国】邮政局已妥投,TH    

    2017-10-13 08:26,到达【泰国曼谷】互换局,TH      

    2017-10-12 11:41,离开【广州航空邮件分局】交航,CN  

    2017-10-12 10:54,到达【广州航空邮件分局】,CN  

    2017-10-11 16:28,【广州互换局】已出口直封,CN  

    2017-10-11 15:10,【广州邮区中心局国际邮件分局】已出口开拆,CN  

    2017-10-09 15:28,【厦门互换局】已出口互封(国内经转),CN      

    2017-10-09 15:25,【厦门国际邮件互换局】已出口开拆,CN  

    2017-10-07 00:13,离开【泉州市邮政函件局】,下一站【泉州小包】,CN    

    2017-10-06 21:14,【泉州市邮政函件局】已封发,CN     

    2017-10-06 20:31,【泉州市邮政函件局】已收寄,CN     

    2017-10-01 19:48,电子信息已收到,CN

    Equivalent translation of above China Post tracking info

    017-10-14 16:29,【Thailand】delivered by post office, TH      

    2017-10-13 08:26, Arrival at【Bangkok, Thailand】exchange of office, TH    

    2017-10-12 11:41, Left【Guangzhou Air Mail Branch】handed over to airline, CN

    2017-10-12 10:54, Arrival at【Guangzhou Air Mail Branch】,CN   

    2017-10-11 16:28,【Guangzhou Exchange Bureau】departure from outward office of exchange, CN

    2017-10-11 15:10,【Guangzhou Mail Centre Bureau International Mail Branch】arrival at outward office of exchange, CN      

    2017-10-09 15:28,【Xiamen Exchange Bureau】packaged at outward office of exchange (domestic transit), CN 

    2017-10-09 15:25,【Xiamen International Mail Exchange Bureau】arrival at outward office of exchange, CN    

    2017-10-07 00:13, Left【Quanzhou Post Office Mail Bureau】,Next stop【Quanzhou Small Parcel】,CN

    2017-10-06 21:14,【Quanzhou Post Office Mail Bureau】packaged and sent ,CN   

    2017-10-06 20:31,【Quanzhou Post Office Mail Bureau】posting, CN    

    2017-10-01 19:48, Electronic info has been received ,CN

    General Explanations

    1. Contents in【】stand for mail bureau/branch, mail processing centre in China or a country, city, airport name in the world and so on. For example,【广州航空邮件分局】means【Guangzhou Air Mail Branch】and【泰国曼谷】means【Bangkok, Thailand】.

    2. CN and TH represent for Chinese and Thailand. They are ISO country code.

    3. " posting " means the post office has accepted your package.

    4. "domestic transit" means your package is transit from a mail bureau or processing centre to another for transportation within China.

    Other terms that you may encounter

    妥投                     Delivered

    邮政局试投           Attempted delivery made by Post Office

    已妥投                  Delivered

    邮政局已妥投       Delivered by Post Office

    电子信息已收到    Electronic info has been received

    物流订单已创建    logistics order has been created

    已出口互封           packaged at outward office of exchange

    已进口互封           packaged at inward office of exchange

    已进口直封           departure from inward office of exchange

    已进口开拆           arrival at inward office of exchange

    已出口直封           departure from outward office of exchange

    已出口开拆           arrival at outward office of exchange

    移交海关              handed over to Customs

    清关完成              customs clearance complete

    交航                     handed over to airline

    启运                     Despatched

    试投                     attempted delivery

    送交目的国海关    handed over to destination country’s Customs

    下一站处理中心    Next processing center

    海关放行               Released from customs

    已交航空公司运输       handed over to airline for transportation

    移交海关/安全部门      Handed over to Customs/Security Sector

    These terms can help you know well about 90% of your package route in China, which makes you feel hassle-free when checking China post tracking info online. And If you think this is helpful, you can bookmark or share it for your future reference.


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