8 best tools where you can change your blog writing from good to great

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    8 best tools where you can change your blog writing from good to great

    Blog writing is the key strategy for business growth. Frequently, the primary idea that one can get about the company, is by their blog post. If you manage things in right, way then it would be really amazing for the expansion of the company. Here are some of the tools that can assist one in keeping a firm viewpoint about the flow from idea to publishing. The tools that can capture your ideas, can proofread your text as well as can enhance the images of your post are here.

    .Reminders App on your phone.
    .Paper and pen.

    .Death to stock.
    .Get Skitch with Evernote.
    .Heming way App.
    .Headline analyzed by co-schedule.
    .Design Capturing:

    The designs that get forget by the public have no worth, for making your things unforgettable; use the tools to fill all the cracks in your blogs.


    It includes many things in itself. Listing the first one; that is collecting tool that captures the ideas you want to use in your blogs. It is free software that gets synchronize with devices that you have, the main quality of this tool is it gets synchronize with all of the devices. It is the best method for storing the ideas in accordance to marketers. As well as it has a safe feature for writing your stuff along with continuously saving it.

    2.Reminders App on Your Phone:

    Your mobile phone can save all the ideas that you just saw and want to capture. Things that you scrawl with a quick note down on the go could be saved for reminding you to use them for making your blog better. IOS drafts can get synchronize with Evernote for launching notes on Evernote with a much faster way.

    3.Pen and Paper:

    These are the old-fashioned tools that you are not required to charge in a night and that are normally within the arm’s reach. Image resources are really essential for increasing the read through and social amplifications. You can remove the photos that look uninteresting with these tools.


    It is a wonderful tool and one of the easiest designed programs across the world. The tool can be used for free and it offers updates with a few fees. The tool includes many tricky and trendy features to generalize the image size. It can give the right size for the images that you can use on many social networks. One can upload his/her own image as a background.

    5.Death to Stock:

    This tool offers free of cost blog ready images of good quality within the monthly email process. They charge a fee amount of money for some other packs.

    6.Skitch by Evernote:

    It is the application that allows a person to get a grab on quick screen mark in accordance with an effortless interface. It is free so you can synchronize all the skitches by means of Evernote account. Editing and proofreading are must for your posts before publishing them. When you complete the post then do a proper process of editing and proofreading.

    7.Hemingway App:

    A person who is well-known for his concise writing style is Ernest Hemingway. In a result of a bet, he stated the methodology of writing, which includes the beginning, middle and end with minimum words as possible. Hemingway is a free application and those who want to make their posts easier to read they must use the app. It works for finding the chances for making your writing easier and understandable. It uses to grade the sentences on the basis of complexity through this process you can analyze the structure of your sentence.

    8.Headline Analyzer:

    A tool invented by Co-schedule is a free tool. The job of this tool is to rate the “quality of headlines”. The considered job sector of this tool is social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value. It provides tips for each and every mechanism of the title. It is really helpful for supporting convinced mechanism of the title.

    These tools can really help anybody for making the blog writing good to great.


    Jack Flynn

    Hemingway, Evernote, Canva are one of my favourite apps. These as well as the other apps can be downloaded for free on Tutuapp. Give it a try!

    June 10, 2017

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    September 21, 2017

    Mark Twain

    MindNode is another app through which you can map your thoughts. You can start with main topic which works as a central thought in this tool. After that it breaks into branches which you can use for sub headings. It also allows highlighting & customizing the branches. 

    Overall, it gives a whole picture in front of you where you can shape your content in a right direction.

    October 6, 2017

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