4 Things Companies Can Learn From Obama to Engage Millennials

Crystal Kadakia Posted by Crystal Kadakia, HR Consultant, Owner, Invati Consulting.

There is no denying it: Obama and his PR team are social media mavens.

There is no denying it: Obama and his PR team are social media mavens. The State of the Union took place this past week and I was once again impressed by Obama’s ability to reach and engage Millennials. I don’t own a TV. Like many Millennials, I don’t see the point when information should be accessible and in many cases is through streaming and social media.  So, I briefed myself on it through a combination of Snapchat (surprisingly, my first source for this event), Washington Post (delivered to my inbox), Facebook posts, and reading the official text on Medium. The transparency and accessibility that might have been impossible a few administrations ago is now the expectation. But it goes beyond that. Throughout Obama’s time in office, the administration has made huge strides in engaging Millennials. I am often asked by talent acquisition professionals, recruiters, and organizational leaders how to build relationships with Millennials, especially using today’s social media tools. Corporate leaders and organizations can learn a lot from Obama. Let me break down the top four lessons learned, walking you through the SOTU as a great example.   #4: Using Social Media Purposefully Obama and his team don’t just use […]