Buy, Buy, Buy: BookTubers’ Influence on the Book Market

Max Dunn Posted by Max Dunn, Digital-Editorial Intern, Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Buy, Buy, Buy: BookTubers’ Influence on the Book Market

So at the end of it all, how much influence do BookTubers have?

I recently conducted a survey to see how much clout BookTubers had when it came to book-buying. Over 100 people, a mix of BookTubers, viewers, and all of them readers, responded to questions about book-buying habits and BookTube viewing.

About 43% of people preferred watching Book Hauls, a video where BookTubers discuss books they recently bought. This was the highest percentage of the six categories given (along with reviews, wrap-ups, TBRs, discussion videos, and other). Here we see a clear platform that BookTubers have with the audience to share their books.

Second only to the genre and book description in influential factors of book-buying was the recommendation of a BookTuber. And a whopping 81% of those surveyed said their main source of book recommendations came from BookTube. (Insert graph here). Authors and publicists take note.

And if that isn’t enough proof that BookTube influences the marketplace, 90% of participants said they have bought at least one book in the last six months based off of a BookTuber’s recommendation. I personally get most of my book recommendations from the BookTube community, and I have definitely purchased many, if not most, of my books in the last few months from these recommendations alone.

With all this in mind, authors and publicists should work with the BookTube community. Get to know BookTubers on an individual level, because they are representatives (along with book bloggers and reviewers) of a large population of readers. A genuine interest in the readers’ lives and reading interests creates a genuine relationship and response from reviewers.

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