Publishers Weekly Magazine Profiles Berrett-Koehler's 25th Anniversary

    David Marshall Posted by David Marshall, Vice President of Editorial and Digital , Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

    David Marshall heads the editorial department, which is responsible for 35-45 new titles per year and 5-10 digital products or initiatives. 

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    Publishers Weekly Magazine Profiles Berrett-Koehler's 25th Anniversary

    Our founder and president Steve Piersanti just shared this good news with the BK staff:

    Hi All,

    The story in Publishers Weekly commemorating BK’s 25th anniversary is now available in print and online.

    Kudos to Katie for arranging this excellent story!  Highlighted in the story are BK’s new digital products and services, new audio business, the Humble Bundle deals we have done, our Servant Leadership Online Training Summit later this year, and our companion products for Eat That Frog!  Our Author Days and guiding vision are also spotlighted.

    This story will do BK a lot of good and we should share it widely, including with all our sales partners, suppliers, service providers, and other BK community members.  I’ll share it next week with all BK authors and shareholders.


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    July 24, 2017

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