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10 Reasons Why People Love Essay

10 Reasons Why People Love Essay

Here, we would like to know why people love essays more than any writing.

Well, the answer lies in the characteristics of an excellent piece. One must understand that there is more to the part than those taught in classrooms or examples given in class while in College.


10 Reasons why essays are lovable

Essays present a writer’s viewpoint in an argument and here are the reasons why they end up becoming one’s favorite:

  1. Starts with a clear opening: First thing you should consider when writing an essay is to make the introduction stable, bright and active. This is the best way to capture the attention of your reader and platform to allow you to state your points.


  1. Allows Many Paragraphs: While other types of writing are cautious of paragraphs, spacing, etc., essays give writers the opportunity to use as many items as possible. However, each piece must start with a topic sentence and filled with supporting convictions.



  1. Gives Control of Opinions: Now, while readers may be captivated by the sweet words and points established, there could be questions on their minds. In essays, a likely answer is given along the line, which makes it more exciting and better to read.


  1. Appeals to a Readers Ethos, Logos and Pathos: There are three types of people, and with an essay, you can communicate effectively to the three of them without difficulty. The Ethos deal with credible information; the Logos deal with facts, figures and real news; the Pathos deal is those with an emotional perspective. What better way can you do this if not through essay? Once, you have successfully done this, be sure you have a perfect piece to be published.



  1. Allows a writer to express emotions: It gives a writer the opportunity to express feelings, such that you can understand his or her point of view and visualize how he or she communicates.


  1. Rules are not involved: Essays are supposed to be freehand, and you can write a lot of points out the way you wish as long as the quality is solid.


  1. Uses Bullet Points and Highlighters: This is another reason why people love essays – it allows them to state or read points easily with bullet points.


  1. Gives room to learn new words


  1. Humor (not jokes) can be added to essay writing, unlike other types which are a way to entertain readers.


  1. Easy to Write: It will interest you to know that essays are the easiest to write considering all listed above.  


In conclusion, writing an essay is very simple and straightforward, as long as you have an excellent topic to write and strong points to establish. There many top-rated essay writing platforms like  edusson paper writing reviews that offer professional guidelines and services such as editing, proofreading, etc. to writers.

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