5 Basic Rules for passing exams

    5 Basic Rules for passing exams

    Exams come and go, but no student wants to sit for one and anticipate the worst outcome. Academic tests are like basic needs. You cannot fail in them and expect to remain a happy student.


    Exams come and go, but no student wants to sit for one and anticipate the worst outcome. Academic tests are like basic needs. You cannot fail in them and expect to remain a happy student.

    In this post, you will shortly discover basic rules on how to get ready and pass examinations. You may want to think it is rocket science, but that’s far from it. Passing end-of-the-year term paper, for example, can become much easier with the help of EssayServiceScanner, or any other similar company, but the story changes when it comes to college, high school or university exam. So the big question every student should ask at this stage is, “Can I do it at all?”

    1.Stay away from social media

    We live in the age of technologies, and while they make our lives easier every day, they can also be disruptive in many ways. For example, with the majority of social media users being students, poor grades among learners have been attributed to spending hours tweeting, going live on Facebook and sharing photos on Instagram while leaving little or even no time for studies. Sports no longer consume a lot of time, but posting social media stories and sharing content across different platforms does. And you don’t want to tread this path when exams are around the corner and still expect the best. That’s why it is better to stay away or at least minimize the amount of time you spend checking the feeds and creating new posts.

    2.Draft a revision timetable

    The same way you’ve always rushed home or to your cubicle to study for a continuous test, end term/semester exams require the same focus. You will be undertaking a series of tests cutting across different units within a few weeks, and without a good timetable to guide your study/revision routine, it won’t be long before tough questions box you into a tight corner. Don’t even think about cheating on exams because it will make things worse.

    3.Gather useful revision materials

    Education continues to change in immeasurable and immense ways. It is because technology yesterday is not the same today. Thus, days when students relied on past papers to revise for impending exams are gone.  The questions no longer require simplistic responses, but rather, students in this age are expected to apply real-life happenings to exams when answering questions.

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    On this premise and many others, the types of revision materials applicable to exam situations are neither simple nor straightforward. You’ve got to think outside the box. From staying tuned to technology trends, revising classroom notes to being part of study groups where you get to discuss relevant issues, answering exams questions these days is incumbent upon the type of study materials at your disposal. 4.Cramming is unhealthy and bad advice After 12 weeks of lectures, moving back and forth from one lesson to the library, a few days to exams can feel like the worst nightmare in a student’s life. If you want to pursue a study in the USA, one of the important things you should take note of is that while you will enjoy flexible hours in the universities that you can even register extra courses, schools close about the same time. It is why; apart from drafting a revision timetable, it should be spaced out in such a way that you don’t run the risk of cramming anything. You can’t possibly cram a whole semester’s notes for a particular course and expect to perform magic on exams the following day. Everything will have vaporized from your memory like steam. 5.Be direct when answering questions In essay writing, thesis statements make vital components of an exceptional paper. On exams, you shouldn’t risk beating about the bush and expect manna to fall from heaven. You must clearly state main points first, then proceed to expound on them. This way, you are giving your supervisor an easy time in marking your papers. Final Thoughts You wouldn’t wish to walk out of the exam room feeling like a failure. In the same way, feeling apprehensive about end year tests is something that can deal one’s chances of doing well a huge blow. Therefore, when you apply tips in this post, including exercising regularly, eating well and most importantly, getting enough sleep before the D-day, you can only look forward to passing with flying colors.