5 of Today’s Best Student-Run Startups

5 of Today’s Best Student-Run Startups

5 of Today’s Best Student-Run Startups

Here are some ingenious startups founded by students while they were still in the process of learning how to create an essay as a writer.

Drone MVP

A lot of drone startups might come up every now and then. Entrepreneurs seem to be enticed by this space. Hence, the competition is turning out to be pretty fierce. However, for some, this is a threat. Louis Van Hove and Harrison Sheinberg from the University of Southern California took this to be a fun challenge. They created a furor in the market with a platform which would help clients to connect the pilots of the drones.


You might have come across big technology companies such as Blackboard and Canvas. This organization has a strong foothold in the industry. Yet, Jeremy Werden and Lucas DiPietrantonio had been able to find success here.

These students from Chapel Hill’s The University of North Carolina developed an electronic platform for the syllabus. This is helping students to write and keep a track on the work that they are doing. During the beginning of the semester, students can visit the site, choose the school, and add up the schedule for the class. With this, pupils will no longer have to note down information in an email or a notepad. 

Verb Energy

Being in college means, pupils have several energy options. However, granola bar and coffee might leave you feeling unsatisfied and jittery. This leads them to take help from Paperell.com to get their essay done.

Yale’s sophomore student, Matt realized that there might be an easy way to secure energy that will help in feeling good. This was when he started Verb Energy. Company provided caffeinated energy bars. 


Like stated earlier, there are many established companies in the field of education technology. Yet, there are gaps in it which have to be filled. Joe is an incoming freshman from the University of North Carolina, and when he attended college, he spent several hours to try and map out the schedule that he had. Still, he ended up in the wait-list of some classes. This was a loss for him, and so he created a program which would text him when a particular has a seat available. In present times, this idea has turned out into a technology known as Coursicle. 

Huk TV

Samuel Lukach, the 22-year-old student, looked for a better way to mount a television in his dorm room from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Samuel searched for solutions everywhere. However, to his utter disappointment, he realized that there is no way to mount a television in a safe, simple, and harm-free manner. This was when he developed the Huk TV-Mounts. It is used for mounting TV without causing any kind of harm to the walls.

Nonetheless, you have to take the risk. If you love challenges and think laterally, then this is just the thing for you.

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