Best vodka

    Best vodka


    4. Green Mark

    The fourth place in the rating of the largest vodka brands is taken by the Russian "Green Brand". Over the past year, more than 9.30 million dal of the classic and flavored vodka "Green Mark" was produced.

    It is worth noting that almost the entire volume is bought up on the domestic market.

    Vodka Bread Gift Vodka Absolute Vodka Smirnov
    3. Bread Gift

    The three leaders included Ukrainian vodka "Khlebny Dar". In 2012, she also received the Best Ecologically Clean Vodka award at the Best Drink 2012 competition.

    2. Absolut

    Swedish vodka Absolut has reached incredible popularity thanks in large part to its creative advertising campaign. Over the past year, the volume of production of vodkas and liquors "Absolute" amounted to more than 11.21 million dal.

    1. Smirnoff

    Almost twice ahead of the nearest competitor in the number of vodka sold per year, Smirnoff has for many years been at the top of the ranking of the most popular vodkas in the world.

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