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      Now You Can Have the Internet Service of Your Dreams –Faster Than You Ever Imagined

      Created by Alvina Jennifer

      What is Internet and Internet Service?

      The Internet is a collection of hundreds and thousands of small and large networks which are interconnected with each other. It has millions of web pages which contain different types of information. Today, the internet is the best source to access any piece of information. The internet was invented for the military purpose by the defense agency of America during World War 2. At first, it was only accessible to defense agencies and high-tech companies then, later on, it spread its network and was available for ordinary people and local enterprises.

      To access the internet, one must have a decent enough internet speed to perform their required tasks with ease. Generally, in these days the internet service providers who have a higher bandwidth than 100 Mbps with a reliable connection are fair enough for everyone. There are many internet service providers available in the market which can offer you fast and reliable internet service. Today, I am going to tell you about the finest one that you can get at an affordable price.


      Charter Spectrum Internet Service:

      Charter Communications is an award-winning telecommunications company which provides services of cable TV programming, high-speed internet, and voice phone service in more than 40 states of America. Charter is ranked 2nd best internet service provider in the USA. Spectrum internet services give its users an experience of fast-paced speed and reliability that they have never experienced before. Its speed starts from 100 Mbps and goes up to 940 Mbps. In some areas, it can go up to 1Gbps which is more than enough for any internet related task. Gamers who fed up from their average internet connections and cant able to play their online games with a decent ping rate. No worries guys, get services of Charter internet so you can enjoy all of your gaming experience with your gang of friends without any ping issues. Love to stream videos and want to watch movies on Netflix with your pals? But can't able to do that because of the slow internet connection. Get Spectrum Internet services and view high-quality online videos of 4k resolution without any buffering disturbance. If you are looking to get services of Charter Internet, you can get it through its authorized retailer My Cable Internet.

      • Fiber-optic cable connection so the users can experience maximum speed they have to offer
      • Free Security Suite, free Wi-Fi, and free installation service
      • No contracts, no added fees, no additional charges, and 30 days money back guarantee
      • Much faster and reliable than standard DSL connection

      Spectrum Internet Gig:

      Charter provides its services of the internet for businesses and organizations which is known as Spectrum Gigabit Internet Gig. As you know, huge firms need to do heavy-load tasks simultaneously, and because of that, they need super-speed internet. Spectrum internet gig offers speed which starts from 200 Mbps and goes up to 1Gbps. These high-speeds can enhance the productivity of a firm at an immense rate. It also provides free services of Wi-Fi for every employee of a company so they can stay connected to the internet while they are in the workplace.

      Security Suite:

      Charter internet offers free online Security Suite which protects your system from numerous threats, hackers, and viruses and prevents unauthorized access. It collaborates with your system’s firewall to increase security that won’t be able to breach. It automatically detects any suspicious threat and gives you a notification to whether to delete it or not. Users can install it up to 10 computers and laptops.

      Charter Internet Plans:

      Charter offers its internet services in the form of packages known as Spectrum internet plans which are cost-effective and affordable for anyone.

      Basic Internet Plan:

      • Free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots
      • Starting speed at 100 Mbps
      • Free modem and free Security Suite

      Select Double Play Plan:

      • High-speed internet connection with more than 125+ local and premium channels
      • Free access to more than 10,000 On-Demand choices
      • More than enough speed and equally distributed without any interruption

      Silver Triple Play Plan:

      • HD cable TV programming with more than 175 plus channels
      • High-speed internet connection starting at 100 Mbps
      • Unlimited local and long distance nationwide calling

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    • Johanna Vondeling

      Archive of Writing for Change Workshop Materials

      Created by Johanna Vondeling

      Hi All,

      Here you can find archives of the Writing for Change workshops conducted in Perth and Singapore. 

      Here's a blog about the Perth workshop.

      Here's a link to the promo the Sequoia Group posted on their website about the Singapore workshop.

      Attached are the flyers for both workshops.

      Please feel free to add additional resources to this archive!



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