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    Hi All,

    Here you can find archives of the Writing for Change workshops conducted in Perth and Singapore. 

    Here's a blog about the Perth workshop.

    Here's a link to the promo the Sequoia Group posted on their website about the Singapore workshop.

    Attached are the flyers for both workshops.

    Please feel free to add additional resources to this archive!




    Files: Flyer_Write_For_Change_Singapore_(13_Oct)_(1).pdf, Flyer_Write_For_Change_Perth.pdf


    Johanna Vondeling
    Johanna Vondeling
    May 19, 2015

    Also, here's a blog that Jacqui Wong wrote about the Singapore workshop.

    Johanna Vondeling
    Johanna Vondeling
    May 20, 2015

    Promoting a Writing for Change Workshop to professional organizations can help drive attendance and bring other benefits. Marcia Reynolds promoted the Singapore workshop to the International Coach Federation to good results. For a template for how she did that, see below.


    Hi all,

    I sent a note to the president of the ICF chapter about the Writing for Change event. She responded saying she would attend and help promote it to the chapter members. She wanted a paragraph explaining the event. So even though the agenda does this, she still needs it to put on their webpage, on Facebook, etc.

    So I thought you might want to see what I wrote just in case you need it for your own promotion. I put in my coaching credentials because it is for coaches but not necessary for all audiences (I would put in global leadership expert and author for me for other audiences).

    Join Marcia Reynolds, MCC and past ICF president and Alvin Pang, Poet, Writer and Editor for a conversation designed to encourage a vibrant, local, community/network of authors, emerging writers, activists, and practitioners dedicated to “Create a World that works for All.”  The meeting will start with Marcia and Alvin talking about book writing and publishing in today’s world. Then after the break, the facilitators will set up an Open Space exercise so the participants can converse around the questions, topics and challenges they face around writing. The purpose is to encourage more writers from Singapore to publish and to help each other in the process. The hope is that the community will continue long after the event is over! The event is sponsored by Berrett-Koehler publishers and supported locally by their partner, McGraw Hill. Participants will receive a free book, Learning from Leonardo, by Fritjof Capra, bestselling author of The Tao of Physics and The Web of Life.


    Johanna Vondeling
    Johanna Vondeling
    May 20, 2015

    For a suggested AGENDA for a future Writing for Change Workshop, here's what worked for the Singapore workshop.


    4.30–5.00      Registration and Networking over Tea

    5.00–5.10      Welcome by Michael Prince, BK Global Task Force Member 

    5.10–6.30      Session 1: Writing for Change: The Writer’s Journey with Marcia Reynolds and  Alvin Pang; Panel Dialogue Moderated by Jacqueline Wong 

    6.30–7.30      Session 2: Open Space as a process to convene conversations and interact, network around the questions, topics and challenges that participants are most interested in. 

    7.30–8.00     Light Bites and Networking