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      Polaroid is preparing its own Wearable Devices

      Created by Evan Murray

      Polaroid representatives are expanding their business in the field of fitness trackers. The company, which many of us still associate with instant photography, made an interesting statement at CES.

      Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the creation of Polaroid in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company plans to launch a new line of smart watches and fitness trackers in the coming months. Smart devices will be released in several models and colors and will be able to synchronize with Apple and Android smartphones .

      "The last 80 years, Polaroid's story is the production of the latest advances in technology available to the average consumer,"

      said Scott W. Hardy, president and CEO of the company.

      “As we continue to increase the production of our products, we are constantly exploring the needs for entertainment and the use of wearable technologies that are affordable for customers of any price category. With the new line of smart watches and Polaroid fitness trackers, consumers will be able to integrate technology into their lives according to their lifestyle and needs. ”

      Two active trackers are designed with very simple technical features. Both models of the Polaroid B502 and B521 have a monitor to measure the rhythm of the heart, show information about calories burned, given during sleep, can remind you that it's time to move and measure the number of steps. In addition, they manage information about the reminders of the smartphone and allow you to remotely control the camera.

      The main difference in design. The appearance of the B521 model resembles the Microsoft Band fitness tracker or the Gear Fit 2 model . Watch B502 remind Misfit Shine.

      It is fair to say that both devices have the same basic functions of a fitness tracker and it is difficult to discern whether Polaroid did something new. Essentially, it does not matter if you like the design, and we suspect that the brand is more important.

      The company Polaroid launches four new models of smart watches - SW1502, SW1505, 1506S, SW1507.

      The first two models have a square screen of 1.54 inches and a resolution of 240x240 pixels. Their functions combine the measurement of fitness data (but there is no sensor for a monitor of data on the work of the heart), notifications and extended memory with a micro-CD card, the maximum size is 32 GB. Model SW1502 is designed for sports, has a minimalist, but modern design, while smart watches SW1505 have an attractive modern look.

      Models SW1506S and SW1507 are similar to more traditional watches. Both devices are endowed with a 1.22 inch circular monitor with an extension of 240x240 pixels.

      The clock also measures data and sends notifications, but now with the help of a sensor for measuring heart rate. Model SW1506 is unremarkable, while SW1507 watches are designed for sports and are analogous to an accessory with great technological capabilities, which are hidden under the lid.

      We thought that the fitness trackers and smartwatch sector was quite full, but Polaroid clearly dared to disagree.

      The days were long gone when the company focused exclusively on instant photography. Nowadays, Polaroid sells instant printing cameras, cameras for extreme sports, smart phones and even flat-screen TVs.

      A new line of smartphones and fitness trackers will be available throughout the US retail network this spring. Fitness trackers will go on retail for about $ 130, the SW1502 models will cost $ 80 and the remaining smart watches will cost $ 199 apiece.

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