Career and personal development

    Career and personal development

    How to climb the career ladder in 3 easy steps

    The steps presented are so practical and easy if followed dutifully. However, you must recognize that climbing the corporate ladder is not an easy task. It requires hard work – not for the lazy staff. As a physical ladder takes a step at a time so does the career ladder, overnight success does not exist. Imagine, if you write an essay by yourself you have to take a lot of steps, like research, writing, editing and other, to get a successful result. Even if you use dissertation paper writing service instead you still have to choose a writer, make a description, etc. So even the easiest way to achieve success includes some list of steps.

    Steps to Climb the Career Ladder

    1. Dreams, Goals and Career Plan

    To give your dreams wings, convert them into clear goals you can pursue. Set periodic goals e.g. daily, weekly, etc. Your set goals serve as the blueprint on which you work to ascend the career ladder. Now draw up a plan around the goals you set to create your career plan. 

    2. Develop Your Skills

    Today if you refuse to upgrade the app on your phone, it will stop working! Likewise, a staff, that refuses to upgrade will be shipped out or neglected. Education is important so get educated. There’s no end to learning, so keep studying and improving yourself regardless of your age.

    Without sharpening your skill set, your company will leave you stranded indefinitely. For example, when computers first came, many secretaries acquired training to acquaint them of its know-how. However, some of them who refused to do so became irrelevant since typewriters became obsolete.

    3. Work on Your PVI

    Step three requires doing the extra to get you noticed for your upward journey. If you tighten the PVI variables, coupled with dedication and the initial steps, you will advance up the professional ladder. The idea of the PVI model is explained thus:

    • Perception relates to getting people to see you in a positive way. You can do this by expressing yourself, taking the lead, complimenting and empathizing with co-workers. Show your company your benefits and your colleagues your team player ability and leadership qualities.
    • Boosting visibility entails coming out of hiding to the limelight. It means taking credit for your job. It also means volunteering to take on projects others refused (especially those you can do). If your company did not see how valuable you are to them, they would overlook you.
    • Exerting influence relates to developing the trust and respect of your co-workers. John C. Maxwell explained in his book: “The 360º Leader,” that one does not need to be the boss before assuming the leadership position. You can influence others from below, make them listen or do your bidding. Once your company discovers co-workers naturally want to follow you, they will keep you because it would be easy to assign you new roles.


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