Recent elections

    Posted by Maren Showkeir

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    I'm really curious to hear about what people make of the current elections and the pundits' assertions that this country is being swept up in:

    • A shift to the right
    • Not a shift to the right, just a throw-the-bums-out sentiment
    • A "we're-mad-as-hell and not going to take it any more" anti-incumbent trend
    • A rejection of big government and encroachment on individual liberties
    • Disgust that Obama hasn't moved the Progressive Agenda far enough along
    • People rising up against the corporatocracy and its hold on our government
    • The "American People" being tired of gridlock and not being listened to

    What do you think? Are we really on the cusp of something new and different or is this just another example of our country's nano memory and failure to remember history? What does this all mean?



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