Google Account Recovery Page

    Google Account Recovery Page

    How can you recover your Gmail Password?

    In this modern world, reliable communication has become the need of the hour. Reliable and authentic communication is the key to speed up business growth and earn an indomitable business growth in the market. The arrival of emails has made the work of establishing business communication quite easy. Gmail that was initiated in 2004 as a process to speed up business communication has taken a plunge to make the business communication quite abreast. Using Gmail a business person can not only initiate a quick and reliable communication but also can earn name and fame in the market as a great and authentic business dealer. In spite of such great features, sometimes people confront some glitches with their precious Gmail account. In this case, it becomes mandatory to ensure Google account recovery. Well, one of the major problems that people come across is that sometimes users forget Gmail password. Have a look at the following steps to recover your Gmail password

    Steps to recover Gmail password:

    • First of all, go to Gmail sign in page. It will show you a box where you can enter your user name.
    • After that it will show you a tab where you will be required to enter your password. If you have forgotten your password then click on forgot my password link.
    • Now, your Gmail account will ask you to enter the last password that you remember. If you remember it then fill it, otherwise, you can click on try another options.
    • Now, your Gmail account will ask you to provide a recovery email or phone that you made use of while creating your account.
    • Now, in case you have provided an email or phone number, you can use that, otherwise you can give the email address of some other person who is in your contact.
    • So, once you provide the email address or phone number you will receive a verification link on it.
    • Click on that link, now you are in a position to recover your password.
    • Now, enter a new password and confirm it.
    • Congratulations, you have successfully recovered your Gmail account’s password.

    This entire process teaches you how you can recover your Gmail password.

    In case of any issue, you can take the assistance of Google account recover page. It will assist you in recovering the Gmail password. If you still have any confusion then you can contact third-party customer support to sort out the troubles related to Gmail account.





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