How to Choose the Best Pond Vacuum for Home

    How to Choose the Best Pond Vacuum for Home

    How to Choose the Best Pond Vacuum for Home

    If you own a fishpond, aquarium, koi or fountain at home, you understand that keeping its water well maintained is time-consuming. Such spectacular aquatic paradise might turn to an unsightly collection of dirt and green algae if not cleaned regularly.

    Well, instead of draining the pond to clean, removing fish or getting in to clean it, having the best pond vacuum cleaner will handle this hard work and keep water sparkling clean. It is a technology that is revolutionary in vacuum cleaners used.

    How Do Pond Vacuums differ from Other Vac Cleaners?

    Well, though similar, pond vacuums are not the same as another shop vac. For starters, shop vacuums have suction motors, collection tank, a hose and air filter that eliminates dust before sending air into the room. These vacuums are made to suck sawdust, nails and other debris up.

    The best pond vacuum takes advantage of the power of water from the hose to create a water-powered vacuum in the suction wand.

    How to Choose the Best Pond Vacuum for Home

    You will not go shopping for jus nay cleaner you come across, will you? Consider the following factors before purchasing a vacuum cleaner for your pond.

    1.    Pond Size

    Choosing the best product primarily depends on the size of your fountain and the frequency of cleaning it. If you own a relatively small waterhole and purify water after a couple of months, you don’t necessarily need a big machine with high suction power.

    2.    Motor

    Several small pond cleaners switch off intermittently during cleaning sessions for its motor to cool down. Those of small water bodies might not be bothered by these periodic pauses. You will be annoyed by such cool-down breaks occur, and large cleaning is involved. That said, those with large ponds should invest in industrial grade machines that run continuously.

    3.    Nozzle Attachments

    Unlike standard vacuum cleaners where the use of attachments is optional, pond vacuums have nozzle attachments that come in handy for stubborn impurities. Nozzles suck up tough muck that has camped at the bottom of koi for months.

    Considering the above factors and customer reviews, below are some of the best pond cleaners for your home available on the market.

    So, Which Cleaners Win?

    Will you go for normal cleaners or these ones specially designed for ponds? Obviously, they will all clean, but the vacuum cleaners do a better job. Despite some of them not being as versatile as others and priced at an extra coin, they are the best to buy for their thoroughness.

    Cleaning your pond is necessary even if it has a self-cleaning system. Having these vacuum machines is the best way of eliminating sludge and debris from the water without facing a hard time. Finding the best machine, however, is the key to doing a spotless cleaning.

    If you are still searching for one, consider the brands mentioned above and reading all the reviews you can find about them. 


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