How to give a class with Twitter and a blog

    How to give a class with Twitter and a blog

    This post is a small experiment that I have done with my friend Jaume.

    We think you could have a little chat with your students to expand their knowledge about blogging and social networks, from a non-technical point of view. When I found myself in Barcelona and could not physically go to the center, we decided to create the hashtag #ClaseconSdeSocial, so that they could ask the questions that I would answer later in this post. In this way, we give them prominence in their learning and a creative approach to the use of social media.


    Here is the result of this collaboration with the students of Microcomputer Systems and Networks, I hope that you have solved your question if you are one of the students, or that you find interesting in case of not being one.

    There are 4 different ways to earn money with a blog:

    Inserting automated online advertising: With Google AdSense or Coguan (the Spanish company) you can insert ads automatically, charging each time a reader clicks on the banner.

    Capturing direct advertisers:

    Same as the previous case but without intermediaries that automate it, thus increasing the revenue for each click. This case is given by having a blog with considerable traffic and a potential advertiser that fits within the theme of your blog.

    With Affiliate Marketing:

    Creating posts that recommend products/services that can be purchased by providing a link or making lists of them. It works in part in the same way as capturing direct advertisers since you must have an agreement with the advertiser. For example, I promote a course for bloggers Carlos Bravo (number 2 in the TOP 40 marketing blogs in Spain ) with a 10% discount.

    Selling products/services or capturing customers:

    A blog is a good way to let you know. Through it, you can offer your products or service, or redirect them to your company's website to transform them into customers. Everything will depend on the subtlety (not being blatantly commercial) with which you are able to offer useful content so that they can appreciate what you offer.


    In a blog post, can you put a different color of the letter?

    Yes, but be careful, as I said before, you should think about your readers. That you like a specific color does not mean that it is the ideal color to facilitate reading. It will always depend on the background you choose and the overall aspect that you want to give your blog.


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