How to Tell When it’s Time to Replace Your Mower Parts

    How to Tell When it’s Time to Replace Your Mower Parts

    Replace Your Mower Parts

    It’s one thing to have a mower that won’t start, and it’s another to have one that technically “works”, but isn’t really doing its job. The good news is, you may not need a new lawn mower altogether; you may simply need to replace and/or repair some key parts. Luckily, you can find fairly cheap lawn mower parts at many reliable agricultural retailers.

    What are the most important aspects of your mower – the things that need to be in place in order to ensure your lawn is well-maintained? Chiefly, you want to be sure you have a sharp lawn mower blade that is in good condition. If you sharpen your blade just a couple of times a season, you’ll find that you can keep it working well for relatively little time, effort, and expense. This is important because a good blade actually cuts the grass – obviously, this is what you want—and a dull blade merely rips and tears, leaving the grass far less attractive and less likely to grow healthily.

    There will come a point, however, when it’s time to replace your mower blade altogether - deeply nicked or bent blades can’t fixed by sharpening alone. Luckily, you can find good, cheap lawn mower blades in the size you need and keep them at the ready. What size will you need? You can learn how to measure you blade to find out, if you’re unsure. You may be shopping for a 20-inch lawn mower blade, a 21-inch lawn mower blade, a 22-inch lawn mower blade, or 42-inch lawn mower blades, so find a retailer that offers a variety of sizes or one that can special order what you need if possible.

    What else makes or breaks a lawn mower’s ability to function well? Tires. If they’re worn bald, losing air, or rotted, the mower will become increasingly unsteady, hard to manage, or even unsafe. Inspect them regularly to see if you need to buy new, cheap lawn mower tires wherever you shop for reliable, cheap mower parts.


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