Is Your Ex Running Your Love Life?

    Is Your Ex Running Your Love Life?

    If you are a divorced woman whose husband cheated please keep reading.

    The question that keeps popping into your head is, “How to meet single men?” Do you keep experiencing the frustration and daily challenges with online dating? Do you keep asking yourself, “Are all the good ones are taken“?

    Why Am I Single? Why Can’t I Find Love?

    The Handel Method coach, Marnie Nir discusses this very subject in an article for the Huffington Post. 

    First, answer this question - Do You Really Want A Loving Relationship?

    I mean would you like to be with a man who is loving, caring and kind?

    A man that adores you and isn’t afraid to let you know how much he cares? A man that you respect and love for exactly who he is? Think about this question for a right now and see what comes up in your mind.

    Such as:

    “Who wouldn’t want a man like that, but those men are taken.”

    “The good men who are my age want to be with younger women.”

    “How could it be that there are caring men out there when I keep meeting losers?”

    “I’ve given up on the idea of meeting my ideal partner; it’s a dream that won’t come true, so why try?”

    Anything here sound familiar? Do you have similar thoughts rolling around in your head? My goal is not to convince you about anything. Or change your mind about what’s keeping you single. All I’m suggesting is we explore some insightful ideas of:

    Why Can’t I Find Love? Do This.

    You need to remove your excuses and have an attitude of curiosity. The more transparent you can be the more you will discover about yourself. There is a part of our minds that likes to keep us in the dark.

    This part of our mind likes to hide the truth of what is really going on. It’s actually the ego part of our mind that believes it’s protecting us from something harmful. But in reality it is not protecting us from anything except the truth.

    And that keeps us confused 

    Just like the single woman in the video did not realize that her adoring kitty was in fact the culprit and the reason she’s still single, there is something keeping your single.

    Now this ‘something’ is probably not your pet kitty. It’s probably not something you cannot see (your inner kitty). Most likely it is an unconscious belief or beliefs that are holding you hostage. 

    Stop Asking: Why Am I Single? Why Can’t I Find Love?

    If you are so inspired to get to the bottom of what’s keeping you single…

    And discover the hidden truth.  So you can start moving in the direction to meet a caring, loving and kind man…

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