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      How to Stand Out From Your Competitors on Social Media

      Created by Outbound Net

      With many businesses and brands currently active on social media, it has become a little overwhelming to make the cut on social media. With millions of content being shared hourly, how could you possibly beat your competitors and stand out on social media? Separating your brand from the pack present in social media is certainly challenging, especially for a small business with limited resources.

      Taking into consideration that approximately 94% of businesses leverage social media to market their products and services, your brand is surely facing tough competition. That said, standing out from your competitors doesn’t necessarily require an innovative social media marketing strategy. Well, below are crucial tips to help you stand out from your competition on social media.

      1.    Pick the Right Social Network

      Instead of jumping right in and trying to create a huge presence on every social channel present, take time and research on the various social channels. All social media networks are suitable marketing platforms. However, as you do in-depth research, you will realize that one network is better suited for your products than the other. Besides, you will know where your target audience is heavily present.

      That said, Facebook is the most appropriate starting point for every brand looking to outdo its competitors on social media, thanks to the over one billion active daily users. Facebook is the right choice since it promotes the development of organic relationships with potential customers.

      Note that interaction and easy engagement are key aspects when nurturing customer relationships, and Facebook promotes this. However, avoid the mentality that every Facebook or social media user is a potential customer. Besides Facebook, you can choose any other platform that can work for your brand. For instance, if you promote highly visual products and services, Instagram and Pinterest can be invaluable channels.

      2.    Draw Inspiration from Other Brands

      Well, it isn’t a crime to draw some inspiration from your competitors in your sphere. For starters, it will help you learn new things, and what they did to get to where they are. However, don’t limit yourself to their marketing strategies or replicate what they are doing. Look beyond their strategies for better ideas and inspirations.

      There are endless brands you can follow on various channels. The best place to start is to do a quick Google search, make a list and search for them on social channels. Besides, don’t shy to connect with social media influencers in your niche. They are an invaluable tool in helping you promote your products and services.

      3.    Learn from Your Consumers

      Rule 101 of social media marketing is being proactive with the target audience and followers. However, to stand out from your competitors, go beyond simply engaging with them. Make them feel overly valued and respected by asking for their advice on some topics. You can target your competitor’s audience, secretly of course, and ask them why they prefer buying from your competitors.

      By doing this, you will not only be demonstrating to your target audience how important they are to you, but also showing them how much you have trust in them. This goes a long way in making them trust you.

      4.    Recommend Other Brands Who Can Help Your Followers

      Being engaged with your followers hugely involves paying attention to what they are saying in their social media profiles. In some cases, they could be asking for something they are looking for that is beyond what you can offer. Well, in such cases, it is prudent to provide recommendations on where they can be sorted out.

      Although you want to be the industry leader and outdo your competitors, you should be connected with other industry leaders. Direct your customers to those who are in a better position to offer services that meets their needs. Doing this illustrates your industry expertise in another way. It also furthers the extend to which your customers and followers trust and rely on you to provide them with useful resources.

      5.    Be Yourself

      The best, easiest and most effective way of making your brand stand out in social media from your competitors is establishing a unique brand voice. Without such, your brand and online reputation are at risk as your target market won’t easily identify and differentiate your brand from others.

      When doing this, establish a voice that will help reinforce and sell the brand’s personality. The tone of your voice should be consistent across all channels. Be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other platform for that case, your customers and audience should easily recognize and associate with your brand voice. This will definitely make your brand stand out and stay ahead of your social media competition.

      6.    Focus on Visuals

      Visuals are a sure way of getting your business stand up on social media. Something that ascertains this is the fact that 65% of people out there are visual learners. That said, remember to share pictures of what happens behind the scenes in your company and personal shots of images to express the substance in your brand. Through this, customers will easily put a face to your brand.

      When doing this, keep the images clear and of good quality as much as possible. Apart from pictures, include informative infographics, quotes, and live videos as your visuals. The key to doing this is being creative and using them in unexpected ways that will intrigue your followers.

      7.    Use Network Tools

      Using network tools is the other prudent way to help your business stand out on social media and add some little oomph to your social media presence. Depending on your preferred social media channel, use different posting techniques and content variations. Mix up videos, images and throw some plain texts into your content schedule.

      As mentioned, this is social-network dependent. For instance, if you choose Twitter, leverage Twitter polls and Twitter lists, live videos and stories for Facebook and Instagram stories for Instagram. Having a better understanding of these tools will help you come up with better, creative ways of using them.


      Social media remains to be an essential part of any business marketing or brand strategy development. To make your efforts effective, you should continuously find ways of setting yourself apart. Incorporating the above-mentioned tips is a perfect recipe to standing out from your competitors on social media.

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