Leadership and Self-Deception - A Radical Paradigm

    Posted by Mike Bundrant

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    BK published book Leadership and Self-Deception, by the Arbinger Institute, is radical indeed. 

    Arbinger claims to have solved the age-old problem on self-deception by suggesting the core of the problem in each of us has to do with how we see others. 

    There are two ways we can see others, according to Arbinber:

    1. As people

    2. As objects

    When we see others as people, all is well. We don't (or can't) run into self-deceiving territory. Seeing others as objects, we're wrong about their nature. And it inevitably follows that all of our thoughts and feelings about said other will be wrong (self-deceivingly so) as well. 

    Thus, we deceive ourselves when we see and act wrongly toward others. 

    Agree? Disagree? 

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