Sales Professional's Guide to Creating Positive Images

Sales Professional's Guide to Creating Positive Images


If you want to build a sales career for yourself you will first need to overcome the consumer's preconceived opinion of sales people. It's a sad fact that sales people are at the bottom of the trust rung, this has come about through dishonest sales people treating their customers poorly, even dishonestly.

If practised diligently, lift your profile to that of the sales professional training which promises a lifetime of the type of work, money, respect and pleasure you will be excited to pursue every day.

1. Successful Probing to build TRUST: Most people have only a vague idea of what they want BUT they are quick to list what they DON'T want. The Top Gun Sales Professional who continues to lead the pack has learnt how to finely tune their probing skills. For people to trust you, you need to successfully uncover their wants. Remember, most people don't really know what this is and are often unclear on how to articulate it.

2. Promise and Deliver: It sounds simple but it is one of the most over stated and under used of principles. Sales people quite often add a 'sweetener' to get the deal done and it is a well understood concept but quite often they offer more and then forget or don't bother to follow through. If you promise something, follow through is essential - it continues to build the trust.  Ask them to decide how things should proceed from here. If they still demand what you initially promised then you are obligated to see it through!

3. Get it right in your own mind: Transparency is a fabulous building block to trust. Consumers are savvy, they understand that the 'sale' benefits the salesperson - why else would you do the job. But what the consumer needs to see is the mutual benefit; they don't mind the deal being good for you as long as it serves them well first. Be clear in your own mind as to what each deal has to offer - be so clear that it becomes second nature and this will allow you to sell fearlessly and enjoy the process.

4. Rejection - it's a 2 way Street: Consumers have either experienced firsthand or at least heard the stories of bad experiences with sales people. Generally a sales situation deteriorates due to lack of trust or transparency from either or both parties. But your initial defence against rejection is to avoid using terminology that triggers rejection. Typical words that create fear in consumers are:

BUY - swap this word with OWN - we all want to own so you are turning a negative into something warm and exciting.

SIGN!!!! This word creates the biggest fear of all - a commitment to heaven knows what! Weren't you always told not to sign anything without reading the fine print first? By altering this word to OKAY or AUTHORISE you are subconsciously giving the customer the power.

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