The Best Slow Juicer

    The Best Slow Juicer

    SKG Wide Slow Masticating Juicer Review

    In the category of vertical cold presser juicers, the SKG Slow juicer is a top performer. The juicer operates quietly and easy-to-use making it a common and worthy addition to many kitchens. This juicer comes with the benefit that it uses the slow masticating juicing technology and there is minimal oxidation of the juice produced. Moreover, the nutrients will not be destroyed and just the juice’s natural taste.


    1. Wide Feed Chute

    The 3” wide feed chute enables you to introduce a substantially large volume of produce to this SKG juicer so you won’t need to frequently replenish it- you will save substantial time and energy. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time cutting the fruits and veggies into smaller pieces because the mouth can accommodate fruits up to three inches in size.

    2. Easy to clean

    Its components are dishwasher safe, thus are incredibly easy to put apart, clean and re-assemble.

    3. Efficient in Juicing

    The 60-RPM AC motor that is installed in this juicer enables it to attain enviable juicing efficiency, producing nutritious, foamless, (or barely foamy) juice and dry pulp. Therefore, you do not have to worry about wasting your fruit because the slow juicing guarantees extraction.

    The juicer is multifunctional as well because you can make sorbet and tofu as well.


    1. Pulpy output

    This juicer lacks a pulp regulator, so it produces a pulpy juice. If you don’t like smoothies, then this juicer is not good for you.

    2. Fixed-Speed Motor

    This model lacks a motor-speed regulator/control, so the motor runs at a fixed 60 RPMs with the only control being the power switch. This inhibits effective juicing of some citrus fruits that require higher motor oscillations. You may have to chop the fruit into fine slices for successful juicing.

    3. Juicing Limitations

    This juicer is not ideal for juicing celery thus will require you to acquire another juicer if celery is a crucial part of your diet. It cannot handle ginger unless cut into small pieces while soft fruits such as blueberries may not be fully squeezed.  


    Wide feed chute (minimizes prep time)

    Dishwasher safe parts (expedite the cleaning process)

    Foamless juice (unionized nutrients)


    No pulp regulator, therefore output juice is always pulpy

    No motor-speed regulation

    Doesn’t juice celery

    In conclusion, the SKG Juicer is a top rated juicing machine for you if you are an unrelenting vegan. It will also beautifully serve any family that fancies a nutritious diet composed of leafy greens’ thick juice. The drip-free cap, strong arm and sleek design make it one of the best slow juicers that you can ever own. Besides the ability to guarantee maximum juicing, the slow juicer can also be used in handling other products such as sorbet and tofu.

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