What are the Best Used Cars for Under $20,000?

    What are the Best Used Cars for Under $20,000?


    What to consider when buying used cars

    Are you planning to purchase a pre-owned car? If you are, you need to consider the factors that determine the quality of the car if you are to get the best deal. Some of the elements to consider are:

    • Mileage: If you want to buy a used car, the first thing that should come into your mind is its mileage. The lesser the distance covered by the vehicle, the higher the likelihood that it will serve you well.
    • Cost: It is important to set your budget range before you start shopping for a used car. If you need a highly performing car, you should be willing to invest a little bit more to get newer models.
    • The car type: Go for the car that will serve you well. Determine whether you want a sports car, a sedan, a SUV, or a family car in advance before visiting any car dealership.

    What are the 5 Best Used Cars for Under $20,000?

    1. 2015 Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord remains one of the best-selling big cars in the United States. Many buyers prefer the Accord due to its reliability, affordability, utility, cargo, and passenger space. For a budget of less than $20,000, buyers can purchase the 2013 Honda Accord that features a V6 engine and leather upholstery. 

    2. 2013 Subaru Legacy

    If you are looking for a family car for less than $20,000, then this car might be the best for you. The 2017 Subaru Legacy provides you with adequate interior space, making it more comfortable as compared to other models in the same price range. The car comes with a powerful 2.5 L engine that has a horsepower of 175. It also features a continuously variable transmission (CVT) transmission. The car will offer you great fuel economy with an EPA rating of 36 mpg combined. Other features include a standard sure-footed AWD system.

    3. 2015 Toyota Camry

    If you are shopping for a reliable and durable model for less than $20,000, you could go for the 2017 Toyota Camry.  Although the 2018 model has some features that make it stand out from the rest, previous models also offer fantastic features worth considering. The 2015 Toyota Camry is one of the easiest to drive models and is available with a V6 engine.

    4. 2014 Buick LaCrosse

    This model is among the most affordable models that anybody looking to purchase a good car for less than $20,000 could consider. The model features a revised interior and exterior styling that will make you stand out from the rest. 

    5. Mercedes-Benz R350

    If you are looking for an older model that gives you enhanced comfort and sufficient passenger capacity, you should try the 2008 R350. This car has a passenger capacity of six, and it offers you a comfortable and smooth ride. You can buy the model as either an all-wheel drive or a front-wheel drive. T

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