Why Wear a Baby Sling: Benefits of Wearing your Baby with a Baby Carrier

    Why Wear a Baby Sling: Benefits of Wearing your Baby with a Baby Carrier

    Baby Carrier

    The practice of carrying your baby through the use of a baby carrier, baby sling, baby wrap or child carrier is known as babywearing. Practiced for centuries in various cultures around the world, babywearing with a baby carrier or a baby sling promotes child-parent bonding, supports breastfeeding, help fight postpartum depression, and so much more! Whether you’re a mom, a dad, grandma, sibling or a caregiver, it is highly encouraged that you learn more about the benefits of wearing your baby with a baby carrier. Explore the beautiful practice of carrying your baby with a baby carrier as a safe and effective tool for parenting.

    Baby Carrier Parenting Hacks: Benefits of Carrying your Baby with a Baby Carrier

    Every parent want a happy baby. Research proves that babies who are carried either in their parent’s arms or in a baby sling or baby carrier are happier and cry far less. Wearing your little one in a baby carrier also results in beneficial permanent brain development, enhances their IQ, and helps in baby’s good health, psychological security and independence.

    Babywearing with a baby carrier or a baby sling enables parents and caregivers to keep the baby close and safe while still keeping both hands free to do other things. Babies that are frequently worn in a baby carrier are more likely to demonstrate a strong and secure attachment to their mothers. Carried babies with a baby carrier are able to develop a sense of security and trust quickly and are more likely to become independent at an earlier age.

    When carried, babies spend a lot of time in a quiet, alert state which is the ideal state for learning and development. Baby carrier worn babies have a more improved visual and auditory alertness compared to children that are normally left on the floor or in a crib. In addition, babies that are carried in a baby carrier or baby sling have improved speech development as they are more directly exposed to normal adult conversation and everyday life.

    Baby Carriers are Great for Babies with Overwhelmed Parents

    It can be overwhelming and exhausting to be a parent. You can’t always have your little one in your hands – you need to work to earn a living, there is laundry to be washed and folded and errands to run. A great way to connect with your child, provide stimulation for baby, and free up your hands is babywearing.

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