Why You Need A Break To Avoid Burnout

    Why You Need A Break To Avoid Burnout


    Burnout is simply when you collapse physically and mentally due to being overworked or stressed. Burnout is more likely to happen to those over-achievers and hard workers, and can sometimes not be recognized. his makes them more susceptible to burnout. Burnout can happen to anyone, even those people who thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Burnout leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, feeling less than, and can have negative effects on your health. So what are the symptoms of burnout and what can you do to avoid burnout? Let’s discuss it.

    Symptoms of burnout

    There is a thin line between heavy stress and burnout, but because there are many signs and symptoms, if you detect any of these early on, you may be able to avoid burnout if you do something to address these issues as soon as you recognize them. The symptoms are:

    Unusual high levels of stress: Feeling on the edge more often than normal and constantly worried about getting things done.

    Lack of energy: In the beginning stages, you may feel really tired and like you have no energy. You are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. You may even dread what the next day may bring.

    Remedies for burnout


    Take on a hobby: Taking on a new hobby or engaging in a fun activity can be great ways to take your mind off of your work and allow you to relax. Playing cards is the perfect pastime. There are many benefits to playing cards since it’s such a great stress reducer and can be very relaxing, plus it’s fun!

    Take more breaks: You may have a tendency to push through your work during the day without taking any time for yourself to recharge. Stop doing this. It’s important for your mental and physical health to stop and take a break. A break could be as simple as getting up and walking back and forth in front of your computer, going to the rest room, or grabbing something to drink. It is very important to take a break at least once every 90-120 minutes.

    How to prevent burnout

    There are several simple little practices that you can implement immediately to prevent burnout from taking a toll on your life. Figure out which issues you are dealing with the most and work on trying to correct those first. If you know that you eat most of your meals in front of your computer, try eating at the dining room table or going out for dinner sometimes. If you are overworked and haven’t taken a vacation in forever, why not choose to take a much needed break? Plan a vacation and unplug from everything to get yourself together.

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