You Should Try These Sex Positions, At Least Once In A Lifetime

    You Should Try These Sex Positions, At Least Once In A Lifetime

    Let Her Have Control

    Sex is amazing, especially when you share a deep emotional link with that special someone. But most couples stablish themselves, compromise, live together, get married, and without even noticing, their sexual life starts getting repetitive and less exciting. Creativity is essential to bring back a little extra taste to your relationship, and it is also attractive when you have a new sexual partner. Trying new things, new positions, new sex items, can turn sex into a fun and pleasing experience. One thing you can start with is by trying new positions and slowly becoming a master in each of them.

    For example, a popular position not everybody does correctly is doggy style. This position favors a deep penetration and stimulates her G point directly. The only disadvantage is that her clitoris is not being properly stimulated, but that could be fixed by using a vibrator or manual stimulation. You can use this one for vaginal or anal penetration, but always listen to her and make her feel comfortable. She should have no doubt you’re caringly looking after her at all times.

    Have you tried positions to give her more control during intercourse? You guys should try the amazon position. It might turn out to be funny and interesting at first until you see how pleasant it can be. Amazon position requires a little more flexibility from both of you because you will be lying on your back with your knees to your chest while she squats down and performs the swinging movements. Wrap your legs over hers, and if you want to try something new, she could even reverse her position looking ahead instead of looking at your face.

    You should also try any position against the wall, facing your partner. These positions are really intense, and you may even reach your climax really quick, so a personal advice would be to leave this position to the end. She should be against the wall, and you can use a stool or some kind of support for her feet so she can open her legs wider and facilitate penetration. Flex your knees a bit until you feel in control and go ahead. This position is really spontaneous and it can part of an exciting experience when you just take out everything and listen to your animal impulses.

    Finally, I want to recommend a very simple yet pleasurable position called Mastery. In this position, neither of you will need to do much physical effort, but you will give her more control of the movements. While you’re sitting on your couch or a chair, she will place herself on your lap facing you, her legs spread outside yours. In this position, you will have straight access to her clitoris and some manual stimulation would be amazing. You can also lick and touch her breasts, kiss her and breathe in her neck. She will definitely like being in control while you’re doing your part.

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