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Account Receivable Specialist

REPORTS TO: Senior Accounting Manager
LEVEL: 1A to 2A
CLASSIFICATION: Hourly, full-time
WORK SCHEDULE: Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Berrett-Koehler Publishers (“BK”) is an award-winning and innovative independent publishing company. Founded in 1992, BK is headquartered in Oakland, California, was recently named the independent publishing company of the year, and has been continuously profitable for 15 years in a row. Our books, audios, and videos are sold all over the world and we also host online summits and offer online training resources. We are dedicated to an ambitious mission: Connecting People and Ideas to Create a World That Works for All. Through our groundbreaking resources on business, management, training, current affairs, personal growth, self-help, and other areas, we strive to challenge conventional thinking, introduce new ideas, and foster positive change on individual, organizational, and societal levels. We offer a work environment that is participative, collaborative, and flexible. We seek staff members who bring cultural, ethnic, social, and intellectual diversity. We are a Certified B Corp and a California Benefit Corp. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The primary responsibility of this position is to manage all of BK’s AR transactions, in additional to: advancing BK’s mission by supporting the operational and financial efficiencies of the company and department, cultivating a culture of data-driven decision-making through accurate and timely sales information in Berrett-Koehler’s accounting and reporting systems, and supplying general reporting and AR support. 

Accounting A/R
• Create invoices for all print sales
• Create invoices for all digital sales
o Send PDF of invoices to overseas digital partners for payment, as needed
o Create digital sales adjustments
o Identify receipts in the unapplied cash account to apply to outstanding invoices from digital partners
o Follow up on past-due invoices with digital partners
• Create Subsidiary Rights invoices
o Create monthly Subsidiary Rights Adjustment reports
• Create monthly Author Storage Fee invoices
• Create monthly Permissions invoices
• Assist with follow up on A/R aging
• Create Miscellaneous and Pro-forma invoices as needed

Accounting Misc
• Prepare standard monthly adjustment forms and submits to Accounting Manager for entry into Acumen
• Troubleshoot invoices not working in Acumen
• Identify and report price exceptions for digital partners
• Make weekly bank deposits
• Assist with other ad hoc accounting procedures

• Create all monthly reports that are used company-wide
• Assist in creating annual audit reports

• Participates in company staff meetings, finance and operations department meetings, and author lunches
• Participates in other company meetings, such as project meetings and cross-departmental team meetings, as needed for this position and the effective operation of the company

Essential skills and experience:
At least 3-5 years experience in A/R
Minimum of 5 years working in an office setting.
Comfortable working in a Mac OS environment. Proficient with Microsoft Excel 2011.

Desirable but not essential skills:
Familiar with general accounting processes and procedures, familiar with Acumen accounting and inventory management software for publishers, and/or experience using FileMaker Pro or other database software.

Organized, detail-oriented, efficient, can prioritize between multiple tasks, places high value on work quality.

• Salary range $48,500 to $56,000
• Health, Dental, Disability and Life insurance
• Flexible Spending Account plan, 401K and ESOP

To be considered, you must send resume and a detailed cover letter via email (several pages long if necessary), stating why you are interested in the position, your qualifications, how you have been successful in similar jobs or volunteer work based on the qualifications above (please be specific about your accomplishments), and your personal qualities that account for your success to: Sean Davis at [email protected]