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Over a decade ago, Kim Cameron and some colleagues decided that rather than analyze what went terribly wrong with organizations and how to prevent it, they would look at what went extraordinarily right and how to replicate it. This was the birth of positive organizational scholarship, a new field that focused on what they called “positive deviance”—outcomes that far exceeded normal success.

This book makes the latest scholarship on creating extraordinarily successful organizations available in a concise, how-to format.  It features a wealth of specific tools and techniques for implementing positive leadership in five different areas.

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Ice Cream Social

Tells the inside story of the thirty-year struggle of Ben & Jerry’s to remain true to its social mission, even after it was sold in 2000

Outsmart Waste

Why DOES garbage exist in human society? Why has it become a problem only in the last century? And most importantly, how can we eliminate it—outsmart the very idea of garbage?