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Most managers hardly have time to think, due to the relentless pressures of the job. So Mintzberg has distilled the essence of his original acclaimed 320-page book into a lean, action-oriented 216 pages. The core remains the same: Mintzberg’s observations of twenty-nine different managers, from business, government, and nonprofits, working in diverse settings ranging from a refugee camp to a symphony orchestra.

What he saw led him to develop a new model of management, one firmly grounded in his conclusion that it is not a profession or a science. “It is a practice,” he writes, “learned primarily through experience and rooted in context.”

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Embrace the Chaos

Like many of us, Bob Miglani felt overwhelmed and anxious. He worried constantly about his job, his finances, and his family’s future.  It was a chance invitation to India, the land of his birth, that finally freed him.

How to Change Minds

Rob Jolles’s wise advice will ensure that changing someone’s mind is never an act of coercion but rather always one of caring and compassion.