"More than a Master of Business Administration, Mark Albion offers his readers an advanced degree in the meaning of life. His MBA is a Master of Blessed Attitude -- and it suggests a course of personal development that will give everyone more than money -- it will give them purpose, direction, and hope."

— Alan M. Webber, former editorial director and managing editor, Harvard Business Review

"Why do we need to suffer before finding our way? I wish I had read this book before I graduated. An excellent support for MBAs looking for their next step. Now I'm in the process of going back towards my passions."

— Chiara Rinaldi, MBA SDA Bocconi (Italy), 2005

"We have all heard stories of business school graduates who took decades to realize the careers they chose right out of school were the wrong ones for them. Benefit from the teachings in this book and start building yourself a sustainable career now, so you don't have to undo your mistakes later."

—Erika Haas, Stanford Business School, 1998

"This book should be required for all MBA's after their first semester to allow them to reexamine why they attended business school in the first place and to remind them to follow their own passions and dreams. Many MBA students get caught up in the whirlwind of financial distress, peer pressure, and the natural force of running with the masses. Dr. Albion reminds MBAs to take a step back. In particular, the lifelines provide a guideline to critically think about one's career path. I have shared the lifelines with my Dean and fellow classmates who all find them to be really powerful. I highly recommend that all MBA's read this book, as it gives you an opportunity to critically analyze your choices in business school and beyond.

— Ishita Deshmukh, Yale School of Management MBA 2009

"More Than Money sheds much-needed light on our motivations for attaining an MBA and encourages us to set higher, more genuine goals for ourselves than just money and professional success. Dr. Mark effectively guides us to discover that we are more than business robots with an MBA -- we are human beings with a heart and a desire to do good. This is a refreshing, inspirational book for any business professional without being "touchy feely" or unrealistic. Read this book and you will uncover your passion in life!"

— Kristina Päster, Presidio School of Management MBA 2008

"Dr. Albion has developed the tools for helping us find our way in our professional lives. While this book is written for MBAs, it will speak to anyone who has struggled to find more meaning in his or her career. A compelling writer, Dr. Albion is open about himself, admits his mistakes, and through his own telling of how he learned from them, teaches us how to recognize ours and change the course of our lives for the better. Learn the 12 Lifelines and revisit them often."

— Phoebe Higgins, Dominican University of California MBA 2007

"More Than Money reaffirms that as human beings we first need to love and be loved, before we are MBAs. Our MBA degrees, our positions, money, and assets are tools that can help us to love. For when all is said and done, on our death beds, love is the only thing that will have mattered. Thank you Dr Mark for being that voice that speaks to our spirits, not just our heads.

— Tolulope Ilesanmi, McGill MBA 2005

"Mark Albion hits it home again. Life isn't just about money. It's about fulfillment and true impact. Don't miss this book - it's worth every penny to take the time to find your own destiny."

— Sarah E. Endline, Harvard Business School MBA 2001

"More Than Money works! It works primarily because it makes you think. This book has me thinking in a very serious way about my life, my place in the world, and how my strengths and talents can be of service. It has me remembering the best times at work, and how good it felt to be working together toward common objectives, with common purpose, and with passion. I’d like to find that again. More Than Money is really going to help me focus on doing so."

 — Douglas Hammer, New York University (Stern) MBA 1999

"The basic messages of the book summon up, and resonate with, my own experiences as an MBA student and I realize that I would have been one of the people this book was intended for, if you'd caught me in time. In fact, I still am. I'm reminded of some of the lessons I've learned the hard way since leaving my MBA program, and was starting to lose sight of some of the things that are important to me. Not only do you invite us to question how success is really best measured, but you also offer some practical tools for finding a more holistic return on an MBA investment." 

— David Wood, Fisher Graduate School, Monterey Institute, MBA 1993

"More Than Money is really needed. When I was at Stanford, there was no place for these kinds of discussions. Business school taught me much about the HOW of making money and growing a business, but WHY questions were mostly off-limits. You engage us in deeper, more integral questions – ones that are more likely to lead us to a meaningful, fulfilled, and joyful life."

— Ken Saxon, Stanford Business School MBA 1988

"More Than Money describes risk and reward in terms that fit the decisions of every person fortunate and driven enough to pursue an MBA. If you seek a life of value and wealth that run deep and true, you need to read this book."

— Aaron James, University of Michigan (Ross) rising MBA 2010

"Before getting an MBA, read More Than Money. This book revolutionizes business school education and will help any MBA student get more out of school. In his special way, Dr. Mark leads you to define first what you want to do with your life. He does so by guiding you not with answers but crucial questions that help you connect with who you are and what you wanted as a child but deemed impossible. Now it is possible."

— Anton Arapetyan, Lviv (Ukraine) University Masters 2006, Lviv Business School rising MBA

"As a 49 year old getting an Executive MBA, I have run businesses, worked for bosses and have scars of cynicism to prove it. That is why it is so refreshing to read the words of Mark Albion. His insights and reflections reinforce the truly important things in life. This book is for those who want much more out of life."
— Hank Jones, Duke Executive MBA 2008