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  • By the New York Times bestselling author and number one progressive radio talk show host
  • The first book to offer a comprehensive overview of Hartmannís thoughtóthe breadth will surprise even longtime fans
  • Touches on an extraordinary variety of subjects: politics, history, psychology, ecology, spirituality, and more


Itís hard to pigeonhole Thom Hartmann. He has a unique synthesis of qualities not often found in one person: a scholarís love of history, a scientistís zeal for facts, a visionaryís seeking after truth, an explorerís appetite for adventure and novelty. In addition to being the nationís number one progressive radio host, heís been an ad man, a psychotherapist, a private detective, and a homeopath. His writings encompass politics, history, ecology, psychology, and spirituality, among other subjects.

Even Hartmannís millions of loyal listeners and readers will be amazed at the breadth of his thought as evidenced by The Thom Hartmann Reader. Editor Tai Moses has pulled together Hartmannís writings from a dozen books and other sources to present a comprehensive picture of where Hartmannís wide-ranging intellect has led him over the past thirty years.

Hartmann is perhaps best known as a political thinker, and essays throughout this book expressóin his characteristic impassioned and lucid styleóhis fierce commitment to Jeffersonian democracy and his virulent opposition to the corporatization of America. But youíll also discover his Older and Younger Cultures hypothesis, which identifies the root cause of so many of our social and environmental ills and points the way to a solution. Youíll hear from Hartmann on how to keep our schools from treating children like assembly line products, why attention deficit disorder is not an affliction, and what cloudy Germany can teach us about solar energy. Youíll meet the remarkable Gottfried MŁller, Hartmannís mentor and the founder of the humanitarian organization Salem International. Youíll join Hartmann on fact-finding trips to Uganda, Russia, and four-thousand-year-old ruins in Peru.

As fascinating as these and other topics in The Thom Hartmann Reader are, Hartmannís deepest aspiration has always been that his audience do more than just listen or read, that they become active, awakened agents of change. These essays are meant to inspire and motivate, to spur you to take some kind of action. As Hartmann says at the end of every radio program, ďGet out there, get active! Tag, youíre it!Ē