Foreword by David Korten

Prologue: The Journey Ahead


Part One: The Overbuilt House of Claims

Chapter 1: Debt, Inc.: Extractive Design

Chapter 2: The Community Bank: Generative Design

Chapter 3: Wall Street: Capital Markets on Autopilot

Chapter 4: Overload: The Expanding House of Claims

Chapter 5: Collapse: The Eroding Middle-Class Base


Part Two: Returning to Earth

Chapter 6: Waking Up: From Maximizing Profits to Sustainiing LIfe

Chapter 7: The Island: From Growth to Sufficiency

Chapter 8: Bringing Forth a World: From Individualism to Community


Part Three: Creating Living Companies

Chapter 9: Living Purpose: Creating the Conditions for Life

Chapter 10: Rooted Membership: Ownership in Living Hands

Chapter 11: Mission-Controlled Governance: Humans at the Helm

Chapter 12: Stakeholder Finance: Capital as Friend

Chapter 13: Ethical Networks: Reinforcing Shared Values


Epilogue: Next





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