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Foreword by Dave Ulrich





Part One: How Are You Showing Up as a Leader?

Chapter 1: Where Have You Been?

Chapter 2: Build a Spider Web

Chapter 3: Spin Around in a Circle

Chapter 4: Your Own Private Detective

Chapter 5: When the Student is Ready

Chapter 6: Just Like the CEO

Chapter 7: Get in the Weight Room

Chapter 8: Go Back in Time

Chapter 9: Is There Another Way?

Chapter 10: How Am I Driving?


Part Two: Add Something New to Your Game

Chapter 11: Break Out the Dictionary

Chapter 12: Put It in Writing

Chapter 13: One Year at a Time

Chapter 14: What Is It that Only You Can Do?

Chapter 15: The Whistle and the Clipboard

Chapter 16: Hit the Books

Chapter 17: The Best Thinking Tools Ever Invented

Chapter 18: I Have a Theory

Chapter 19: Once Upon a Time

Chapter 20: This Is Me


Part Three: Get Curious about the World Around You

Chapter 21: Take a Trip Around the World

Chapter 22: So This is What We Do

Chapter 23: Keep Tabs on Your Friends

Chapter 24: That Thing Called the Internet

Chapter 25: Who Are These People?

Chapter 26: Ask the Experts

Chapter 27: Scout the Enemy

Chapter 28: Go Back to School

Chapter 29: Road Trip!

Chapter 30: Bring It Home


Part Four: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 31: Get Outside the Circle

Chapter 32: You're Right and I'm Wrong

Chapter 33: Become a Member

Chapter 34: Share Your Story

Chapter 35: Tell the Boss You're Bored

Chapter 36: Love the Numbers

Chapter 37: Build the Business Base

Chapter 38: A Healthy You

Chapter 39: Write Your Own Screenplay

Chapter 40: Question Everything


Part Five: It's Not About You

Chapter 41: It's All About Them

Chapter 42: Give Something Back

Chapter 43: What the Boss Needs to Hear

Chapter 44: Extend Your Reach

Chapter 45: Your Most Precious Resource

Chapter 46: Step Up to the Podium

Chapter 47: Talk to Yourself

Chapter 48: Join the Volunteer Army

Chapter 49: The Best Advice Ever

Chapter 50: Welcome to the New Guard


Where Do You Go From Here?






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