• The first book to show how strongly the tenants of Islam support and promote environmentalism

  • Offers dozens of examples of what Muslims can do—and are already doing—to promote ecologically sound practices in their communities

  • Written by a Muslim community organizer speaking directly to other Muslims—but accessible and illuminating to non-Muslims

Islam calls believers to praise the Creator, take care of each other, and take care of the planet. But the deep and long-standing convergences between Muslim beliefs and environmentalism aren’t widely known by other religions, in secular society, or even among many Muslims.  In this groundbreaking book, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin draws on scripture, research, and viewpoints of Muslim scholars and community leaders to trace Islam’s historical and contemporary preoccupation with humankind’s collective role as stewards of the Earth. As Abdul-Matin points out, the Prophet Muhammad himself declared that, “the Earth is a mosque.”

The soul of this book is profoundly practical. “Deen” means “path” or “way” in Arabic. Abdul-Matin focuses on how Muslims and Muslim communities can and already are following a Green Deen in four areas: waste, watts, water and grub (food).  For example, the Saudi Arabian government has issued a religious ruling making it acceptable to use treated wastewater in the holy cities of Makkah and Medina for performing the ritual washing required of all Muslims. Oakland, California’s Light House Mosque has banned the use of paper plates, Styrofoam and plastic bottles during the evening feast that breaks the daily Ramadan fast.  In Chiapas, Mexico there is a Muslim community that lives entirely off the grid—manufacturing its own solar energy and growing its own organic, halal food.

No other book about the environment has been written for Muslims, in language they can relate to.  No other book highlights the contributions of Muslims to the environmental movement. No other book helps environmentalists of other faiths and orientations understand the gifts that Islam brings to help the struggle. Green Deen is much needed for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.