Introduction - Susan Albers Mohrman and Edward E. Lawler III


Chapter One: Research for Theory and Practice: Framing the Challenge   

by Susan Albers Mohrman and Edward E. Lawler III


Part 1: Exemplars of Useful Research

Chapter Two: Crossing Boundaries to Investigate Problems in the Field: An Approach to Useful Research   

by Amy C Edmonson

Chapter Three: Collaborative Organization Design Research at the Center for Effective Organizations   

by Susan Albers Mohrman and Allan M. Mohrman, Jr.

Chapter Four: A Ten-Year Journey of Cooperation 

by Lynda Gratton

Chapter Five: Commentary: Walking on Three Legs 

by J. Richard Hackman


Part 2: Bodies of Work That Have Influenced Theory and Practice

Chapter Six: Rigor and Relevance in Organizational Research: Experiences, Reflections, and a Look Ahead   

by Philip Mirvis and Edward E. Lawler III

Chapter Seven: Can Relevance and Rigor Coexist?   

by C. K. Prahalad

Chapter Eight: Making a Difference and Contributing Useful Knowledge: Principles Derived from Life As a Scholar-Practitioner  

by Michael Beer

Chapter Nine: On Knowing and Doing: A Perspective on the Synergies between Research and Practice 

by Michael L. Tushman


Part 3: Pathways - Research to Practice

Chapter Ten: Academic-Consultant Collaboration: Doing Research across the Divide 

by Ruth Wageman

Chapter Eleven: Integrating Theory to Inform Practice: Insights from the Practitioner-Scholar 

by Ramkrishnan (Ram) V. Tenkasi

Chapter Twelve: Organization Development Scholar-Practitioners: Between Scholarship and Practice 

by Jean M. Bartunek and Edgar H. Schein

Chapter Thirteen: Professional Associations: Supporting Useful Research 

by Wayne F. Cascio

Chapter Fourteen: Sticky Findings: Research Evidence Practitioners Find Useful 

by Denise M. Rousseau and John W. Boudreau

Chapter Fifteen: Popular and Influential Management Books 

by George S. Benson

Chapter Sixteen: Commentary: Observations Concerning Pathways for Doing “Useful Research” 

by Gary P. Latham

Chapter Seventeen: Practitioner Perspectives: Comments from a Panel Discussion 

by David Nadler, Ian Ziskin, Edward E. Lawler III, Michael Beer, and Susan Albers Mohrman


Part 4: Barriers and Enablers

Chapter Eighteen: How Business Schools Shape(Misshape) Management Research 

by Thomas G. Cummings

Chapter Nineteen: Counterpoint: Now Is a Great Time for Conducting Relevant Research! 

by Sara L. Rynes

Chapter Twenty: On the Verge of Extinction: Some Final Reptilian Thoughts 

by James O'Toole


Part 5: Putting It All Together

Chapter Twenty-One: Reflections on Research for Theory and Practice From and Engaged Scholarship Perspective

by Andrew H. Van De Ven

Chapter Twenty-Two: What We Have Learned 

by Susan Albers Mohrman and Edward E. Lawler III




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