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Foreword by Bill Cosby

Chapter 1: ď What the Hell Are You Niggers Doing in Here?Ē

Chapter 2:Up from Troubled Waters

Chpater 3: Truth Isnít What You Want to See

Chapter 4: Strained Mercies

Chapter 5: In the Driverís Seat

Chpater 6: Vapors and Black Ink

Chapter 7: Lucky 13

Chapter 8: Lend Me a Tiara

Chapter 9: Dreams Deferred

Chapter 10:
New Station in Life

Chapter 11: His-and-Hers Gas Masks

Chapter 12:
Ringside at the Racial Revolution

Chapter 13: Freeze Frames

Chapter 14:
A Womanís Touch

Chapter 15:
When Work Hits Home

Chapter 16:
White Night and Dark Days

Chapter 17:
Diversified Interests

Chapter 18:
Going Global

Chapter 19: Special Reports

Chapter 20:
Never in My Wildest . . .




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