Foreword by Fran Korten

Introduction: How Occupy Wall Street Changes Everything

10 Ways The Occupy Movement Changes Everything


Part One: Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 1: How Occupy Wall Street Really Got Started

Chapter 2: Enacting the Impossible - Making Decisions by Consensus

Chapter 3: Principles of Solidarity

Chapter 4: The Chills of Popular Power - The First Month of Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 5: Claiming Space for Diversity at Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 6: Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

Chapter 7: No Leaders, No Violence - What Diversity of Tactics Means for Occupy Wall Street

Chapter 8: The Most Important Thing In The World


Part Two: What Needs To Change

Chapter 9: How Inequality Poisons Society and Equity Benefits Everyone - An Interview with Richard Wilkinson

Chapter 10: Six Ways to Liberate Main Street from Wall Street

Chapter 11: A Fair Tax System: Three Places to Start

Chapter 12: How to Create Living-Wage Jobs That Are Good for The Planet


Part Three: We Have The Power

Chapter 13: How to Put the Rights of People and Nature Over Corporate Rights

Chapter 14: Going to the Streets to Get Things Donee

Chapter 15: The Occupation of Hope

Chapter 16: 10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement


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