• Forgoes academic jargon and dense management theory to provide practical, accessible methods for taking your small business to the next level
  • Packed with the real-world experiences of small business owners making the transition to professional management, including Mathile’s own
  • Published in collaboration with Aileron, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping private business owners develop their professional management system

Running a thriving business is the American dream: no boss to answer to, a flexible schedule, calling your own shots. But then there is the reality: sixteen-hour days, little time for family and friends, and the unrelenting pressure to create constant growth while attending to all the day-to-day details. And ironically, all this hard hands-on work is only going to take you so far. To get to the next level, you need to step back from being the entrepreneur/owner who makes every single decision and run your business by the fundamentals of professional management.  

Run Your Business, Don’t Let It Run You introduces proven management fundamentals and disciplines in a systematic, practical way, one that has been developed for and used by thousands of business owners. You’ll get real-world details that academic courses don’t teach—true stories from the trenches from those who, like Clay Mathile, made this difficult transition and thrived as a result. You will discover a way to help you gain the freedom that propelled you to become a business owner in the first place.  

Mathile outlines the shifts you need to make to lay out the overall direction for your organization, ensure that your plan is put into action, and establish indicators so you can monitor progress and make corrections. You’ll discover how to focus on what is important, not just urgent, and to view and manage the whole system, not become entangled in the individual parts. This book’s insights and tools will help businesses adapt and grow in any market environment while preserving their distinctive values and core practices—and the leader’s sanity.

To create a sustainable and profitable business, you must change your focus to working on your business, not in it. With Clay Mathile as your mentor, you can take that next step forward, making your business more successful and your life more livable.