Featured Books

Co-Active Leadership

What is the co-active model and how does it inform the theory and practice of leadership?

What Great Service Leaders Know & Do

How can companies design a strategy to compete with the fast-growing, complex service sector?

Leading Continuous Change

How should leaders decide where and how to most effectively focus their change initiatives?

The Genius of Opposites

Can introverts and extroverts really appreciate each other and work together to achieve more?

A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide

What does crowdfunding have to do with building the business of your dreams?

Bridging the Values Gap

How can values really come from a grassroots employee culture instead of being ignored as dictates from management?

Intelligent Disobedience

What if your employees used their initiative to actively prevent mistakes and lapses from happening?

The Disciplined Leader

How can you focus on the 20% of activities which drive 80% of results?