Featured Books


How can you be a force of positivity in every aspect of your life?

The Anatomy of Peace

What's at the root of all conflict, whether interpersonal or international?

The Sisters Are Alright

What is wrong with black women? Here's a new answer... how about NOTHING!!!


Are you stressed out, losing focus, or feeling like you're working more to accomplish less?

Got Your Attention?

In a world where everyone is competing for the time and attention of important decision-makers, how can you stand out?

The Confidence Myth

What if everyone telling you, "You need more confidence!" is totally misunderstanding the problem?

What's Your Future Worth?

What's the most logical way to balance all the things that might happen when you make decisions?

The Resilient Investor

How can you prepare not just your finances, but also your life, to be ready for whatever the unexpected future might hold?