Concepts in Leadership

Concepts in Leadership

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Entrepreneurs in Every Generation

Many family firms fail because the entrepreneurial spirit that drove the first generation isn’t nurtured and developed in the generations that follow. Sharma and Cohen show how any family firm can create a "company of founders."

How Performance Management Is Killing Performance--and What to Do About It

If performance management doesn't work-- what can your company do to improve performance?

Doing the Right Things Right

Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro®, offers an up-to-date guide packed with advice to help busy executives make sure they are both efficient and effective

What Great Service Leaders Know and Do (Audio)

The service sector has grown to become 80% of the US economy, yet it's poised for a revolution in personalization, big data, and complexity. How can companies design a strategy to compete?

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Cynthia McCauley is a senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership, where she has been involved in research, product development, program evaluation, coaching, and management. Her work has focused on methods of leadership development, includ- ing 360-degree feedback, job assignments, developmental relationships, formal programs, and action learning. She has written extensively for both scholarly and practitioner readerships and is coeditor of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development (2010).

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