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Bonnie's Love Letter to the Internet

Jeevan Sivasubramaniam Posted by Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Managing Director, Editorial, Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

Bonnie's Love Letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

We have a tumultuous relationship, you and I. To the outside world, all seems well between us, we appear thick as thieves and happy with our loot, but really there is trouble in paradise. After careful consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that our problems all stem from one sore spot: an imbalance in our relationship’s power dynamic. You don’t need me, Internet, but I feel that I need you. I needed you to find work, and now I need you to do it. I need you to most easily keep in touch with friends and family, to stay on top of finances, and to pay my bills. Increasingly, I rely on you to fill me in on the day’s events and to verify facts and figures. You grant me access to the television shows I’m never home in time to watch, and always point me towards my next favorite band. Without you, how would I have gone about planning and preparing Wednesday’s dinner party or purchased tickets to last night’s symphony performance? As you can see, I am relentlessly reliant on you and your abilities, a situation that the strong and independent woman I was raised to be really resents! On top of everything else, I hold you solely responsible for the rapid decline in my eyesight. I clearly need a new prescription, but since I used all of my 2009 Health Savings Account money on 300 dollars worth of contact lenses, I have to make my way through 2 years of blurry vision all because of you!

And yet...this is a love letter, is it not? It is. And, dear Internet, I do love you so. Never have my affections been more obvious to me than they are right now. As you may or may not know, I have recently returned from a much-anticipated two-week vacation to New York and Italy. As planned, I used this time away to truly be “away” -- from you, Internet. While I admit to brief but necessary encounters (flight confirmation, European weather reports, Google Alerts set up in my name, etc.), I spent the rest of my time doing things without you: talking to people in person, walking around in the world, and even reading books! I wasn’t tied to my Facebook newsfeed, or the latest news on Gawker, or even the arrival of Jeevan’s bi-weekly masterpiece, The BK Communiqu ƒ ©. And you know what? It felt good! I was able to really enjoy face time with friends and family, and to see the beautiful buildings of Florence and the ancient ruins of Rome with my very own eyes.

The trip was incredible, just what I needed. However, as often happens at the end of a vacation, I found myself more than ready to be going back home. I missed my friends; I missed the comfort of my very own bed and shower; I missed the cooling breezes of San Francisco...and I missed you, my beloved Internet. After some time apart, I realized that I was ready to reassess and reevaluate the relationship. And, my darling, I’m glad that I did.

Upon my return, I realized that our love is not a matter of power and need. Instead, ours is a relationship based on help and support. With you, I am able to share my travel experiences, stories, and photos with people all over the world. Were it not for you, Internet, when I said goodbye to my friends in Italy, it really would have been -goodbye.’ Together, with you, we have continued the conversations we started in Tuscany - from our respective living rooms! Thanks to you, my sweet Internet, I was able to attend the Berrett-Koehler Shareholder’s Meeting - from an airplane! More than that, I’ve happily spent the last few hours both watching and reading about everything presented at said meeting, using a social networking site that I even helped to build! With your guidance, beautiful Internet, I have grown as a person and -more importantly- as a publishing professional.

But seriously Internet, all kidding aside, I will no longer take our relationship for granted. You keep me connected, informed, authoritative and - always! - entertained. My dependence on you is my own issue, not yours, and something I will continue to work on. For now, I am delighted to be back in your embrace - posting pictures, watching adorable animal videos, working on the weekend and, yes, catching up on my celebrity gossip.

I wish nothing but the best for us and, of course, for Lindsay Lohan.

I Love you, Internet.

Yours truly,