How to Disable the Ads on Smartphone Games

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    How to Disable the Ads on Smartphone Games


    Free games are plentiful for your smartphone and some of them are really good. Of course, those "free" games come with plenty of pop-up ads. The logic here is twofold:

    1. The game developer makes some money by selling advertising space.

    2. The game developer hopes that the ads will annoy you enough for you to pay for the premium registration which removes the ads.

    You can't blame game developers for trying to make some money, but if you want to enjoy ad-free gaming without plunking down cash, all you have to do is put your phone on "airplane" mode and hey! No more ads. The ads that cycle through in the margins of your screen are actually transmitted to you and not part of the software within the game itself, so a data connection is necessary for them to appear. If you feel guilty, know this: if you have a monthly data limit, those ads are eating into that.

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