How to Locate Specific Television Programs on the Web to Watch for Free

    There are a number of sites online that allow you to watch programming for free--some of them are illegal, of course. But locating particular episodes and programs can be a challenge unless you know how.

    To find a specific TV show and episode, use the "TITLE sXXeXX" format. This means the title of the series followed by season and episode numbers. So, for example, if you are looking for the Sopranos second episode in the third season, you would conduct a google search for "Sopranos s03e05." This will pull up all the various sites that have this content, including torrents that you can download. Remember that it is not against the law to watch the program if it is streaming on another site (it's that site's problem is it is being done illegally). Downloading it, however, is at your own peril.



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