Organizational Change and Innovation

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    Titles Available in Organizational Change and Innovation Collection

    Action Inquiry by Bill Torbert and Associates

    Analysis for Improving Performance by Richard A. Swanson

    Appreciative Inquiry by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney

    The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook by David L. Cooperrider, Diana Whitney, and Jacqueline M.

    The Appreciative Inquiry Summit by James D. Ludema, Diana Whitney, Bernard J. Mohr, and
    Thomas J. Griffin

    The Art of Convening by Craig and Patricia Neal, with Cynthia Wold

    The Art of Quantum Planning by Gerald Harris

    Authentic Conversations by Jamie Showkeir and Maren Showkeir

    The Beauty of the Beast by Geoffrey M. Bellman

    The Change Cycle by Ann Salerno and Lillie Brock

    The Change Handbook by Peggy Holman, Tom Devane, and Steven Cady, with over 90 International

    Chapter 1 - The Big Picture: Making Sense of More Than Sixty Methods by Peggy Holman,
    Tom Devane, Steven Cady

    Chapter 2 - Selecting Change Methods: The Art of Mastery by Steven Cady

    Chapter 3 - Preparing to Mix and Match Change Methods by Peggy Holman

    Chapter 4 - Creating Conditions for Sustainable Change by Tom Devane

    Chapter 5 - Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change by David L. Cooperrider and Diana Whitney

    Chapter 6 - Collaborative Loops by Dick Axelrod and Emily Axelrod

    Chapter 7 - Dialogue and Deliberation Processes by Sandy Heierbacher

    Chapter 8 - Integrated Clarity: Energizing How We Talk and What We Talk About in
    Organizations by Marie Miyashiro and Marshall Rosenberg

    Chapter 9 - Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen

    Chapter 10 - The Technology of Participation by Marilyn Oyler and Gordon Harper

    Chapter 11 - Whole-Scale Change by Sylvia L. James and Paul Tolchinsky

    Chapter 12 - The World Cafe by Juanita Brown, Ken Homer, and David Isaacs

    Chapter 13 - Ancient Wisdom Council by WindEagle and RainbowHawk Kinney-Linton

    Chapter 14 - Appreciative Inquiry Summit by James D. Ludema and Frank J. Barrett

    Chapter 15 - The Conference Model by Dick Axelrod and Emily Axelrod

    Chapter 16 - Consensus Decision Making by Tree Bressen

    Chapter 17 - Conversation Cafe by Vicki Robin

    Chapter 18 - Dynamic Facilitation by Jim Rough and DeAnna Martin

    Chapter 19 - The Genuine Contact Program by Birgitt Williams

    Chapter 20 - Human Systems Dynamics by Glenda H. Eoyang

    Chapter 21 - Leadership Dojo by Richard Strozzi-Heckler

    Chapter 22 - Evolutions of Open Systems Theory by Merrelyn Emery and Donald de Guerre

    Chapter 23 - OpenSpace-Online Real-Time Methodology by Gabriela Ender

    Chapter 24 - Organization Workshop by Barry Oshry and Tom Devane

    Chapter 25 - PeerSpirit Circling: Creating Change in the Spirit of Cooperation by Sarah MacDougall and Christina Baldwin

    Chapter 26 - Power of Imagination Studio: A Further Development of the Future Workshop Concept by Petra Eickhoff and Stephan G. Geffers

    Chapter 27 - Real-Time Strategic Change by Robert “Jake” Jacobs

    Chapter 28 - SimuReal: Action Learning in Hyperdrive by Catherine Perme and Alan Klein

    Chapter 29 - Study Circles by Martha L. McCoy

    Chapter 30 - Think Like a Genius: Realizing Human Potential Though the Purposeful Play of
    Metamorphing by Todd Siler

    Chapter 31 - Web Lab's Small Group Dialogues on the Internet Commons by Steven N.
    Pyser, J.D., and Marc N. Weiss

    Chapter 32 - Dynamic Planning and the Power of Charrettes by Bill Lennertz

    Chapter 33 - Future Search: Common Ground Under Complex Conditions by Marvin
    Weisbord and Sandra Janoff

    Chapter 34 - Scenario Thinking by Chris Ertel, Katherine Fulton, and Diana Scearce

    Chapter 35 - Search Conference by Merrelyn Emery and Tom Devane

    Chapter 36 - Community Summits by Gilbert Steil, Jr. and Mal Watlington

    Chapter 37 - Large Group Scenario Planning by Gilbert Steil, Jr. and Michele Gibbons-Carr

    Chapter 38 - SOAR: A New Approach to Strategic Planning by Jackie Stavros, David
    Cooperrider, and D. Lynn Kelley

    Chapter 39 - Strategic Forum by Chris Soderquist

    Chapter 40 - Strategic Visioning: Bringing Insight to Action by David Sibbet

    Chapter 41 - The 21st Century Town Meeting: Engaging Citizen in Governance by Carolyn J.
    Lukensmeyer and Wendy Jacobson

    Chapter 42 - Community Weaving by Cheryl Honey

    Chapter 43 - Participative Design Workshop by Merrelyn Emery and Tom Devane

    Chapter 44 - Collaborative Work Systems Design by Jeremy Tekell, Jon Turner, Cheryl Harris,
    Michael Beyerlein, and Sarah Bodner

    Chapter 45 - The Whole Systems Approach: Using the Entire System to Change and Run
    the Business by William A. Adams and Cynthia A. Adams

    Chapter 46 - The Rapid Results Method to Jump-Start Change by Patrice Murphy, Celia
    Kirwan, and Ronald Ashkenas

    Chapter 47 - The Six Sigma Approach to Improvement and Organizational Change by
    Ronald D. Snee, Ph.D.

    Chapter 48 - Action Learning by Marcia Hyatt, Ginny Belden-Charles, and Mary Stacey

    Chapter 49 - Action Review Cycle and the After Action Review Meeting by Charles Parry,
    Mark Pires, and Heidi Sparkes Guber

    Chapter 50 - Balanced Scorecard by John Antos

    Chapter 51 - Civic Engagement: Restoring Community through Empowering Conversations
    by Margaret Casarez

    Chapter 52 - The Cycle of Resolution: Conversational Competance for Sustainable
    Collaboration by Stewart Levine

    Chapter 53 - Employee Engagement Process by Marie McCormick

    Chapter 54 - Gemeinsinn-Werkstatt: Project Framework for Community Spirit by Wolfgang

    Chapter 55 - Idealized Design by Jason Magidson

    Chapter 56 - The Practice of Empowerment: Changing Behavior and Developing Talent in
    Organizations by David Gershon

    Chapter 57 - Values Into Action by Susan Dupre, Ray Gordezky, Helen Spector, and Christine

    Chapter 58 - WorkOut by Ron Ashkenas and Patrice Murphy

    Chapter 59 - Online Environments That Support Change by Nancy White and Gabriel Shirley

    Chapter 60 - Using Playback Theatre to Create Empathy by Sarah Halley and Jonathan Fox

    Chapter 61 - Visual Recording and Graphic Facilitation: Helping People See What They
    Mean by Nancy Margulies and David Sibbet

    Chapter 62 - The Drum Cafe: Building Wholeness, One Beat at a Time by Warren Lieberman

    Chapter 63 - JazzLab: The Music of Synergy by Brian Tate

    Chapter 64 - The Learning Map Approach by James Haudan and Christy Contardi Stone

    Chapter 65 - Visual Explorer by Charles J. Palus and David Magellan Horth

    Chapter 66 - From Chaos to Coherance: The Emergence of Inspired Organizations and
    Enlightened Communities by Peggy Holman

    Chapter 67 - High-Leverage Ideas and Actions You Can Use to Shape the Future by Tom

    Chapter 68 - Hope for the Future: Working Together for a Better World by Steven Cady
    Change Is Everybody's Business by Pat McLagan

    Change the Story, Change the Future by David C. Korten

    The Circle Way by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

    Collective Visioning by Linda Stout

    Community by Peter Block

    Consensus Through Conversations by Larry Dressler

    Consulting Mastery by Keith Merron

    The Corporate Whistleblower's Survival Guide by Tom Devine and Tarek F. Maassarani

    Courage Goes to Work by Bill Treasurer

    Covert Processes at Work by Robert J. Marshak

    DEC Is Dead, Long Live DEC by Edgar H. Schein with Peter S. DeLisi, Paul J. Kampas, and Michael
    M. Sonduck

    Dialogic Organization Development by Gervase R. Bushe & Robert J. Marshak, Editors

    Don't Just Do Something, Stand There! by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff

    Driving Growth Through Innovation by Robert B. Tucker

    Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute by Ken Blanchard, John P. Carlos, and Alan Randolph
    Engaging Emergence by Peggy Holman

    Expanding Our Now by Harrison Owen

    Finding Our Way by Margaret J. Wheatley

    Full Steam Ahead! by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Lyn Stoner

    Fun Works by Leslie Yerkes

    Future Search by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff

    Get There Early by Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future

    Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge by Geoffrey M. Bellman

    Go Team! by Ken Blanchard, Alan Randolph, and Peter Grazier

    The Greater Goal by Ken Jennings and Heather Hyde

    How to Change Minds by Rob Jolles

    How to Make Collaboration Work by David Straus

    I'm Sorry I Broke Your Company by Karen Phelan

    The Idea-Driven Organization by Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder

    Ideas Are Free by Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder

    Identity Is Destiny by Laurence D. Ackerman

    The Innovation Paradox by Tony Davila and Marc J. Epstein

    Leadership and the New Science by Margaret J. Wheatley

    Leading from the Emerging Future by Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer

    Leading in Turbulent Times by Kevin Kelly and Gary E. Hayes

    Leapfrogging by Soren Kaplan

    Let's Stop Meeting Like This by Dick and Emily Axelrod

    Lift by Ryan W. Quinn and Robert E. Quinn

    Making the Impossible Possible by Kim Cameron and Marc Lavine

    One from Many by Dee Hock

    Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen

    Opening Doors to Teamwork and Collaboration by Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller

    Organization Development by Gary N. McLean

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins by BJ Gallagher and Warren H. Schmidt

    Performance Consulting by Dana Gaines Robinson, James C. Robinson, Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, and Dick Handshaw

    Positive Organizational Scholarship by Kim S. Cameron, Jane E. Dutton, and Robert E. Quinn,

    Positively M. A. D. by Edited by Bill Treasurer

    Power and Love by Adam Kahane

    The Power of Appreciative Inquiry by Diana Whitney and Amanda Trosten-Bloom

    Practicing Positive Leadership by Kim Cameron

    Putting Our Differences to Work by Debbe Kennedy

    Real Time Strategic Change by Robert H. Jacobs

    Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace by Dennis Reina and Michelle Reina

    The Reciprocity Advantage by Bob Johansen and Karl Ronn

    Responsible Restructuring by Wayne F. Cascio

    Scenario Planning in Organizations by Thomas J. Chermack

    Seeing Systems by Barry Oshry

    Show Me the Money by Jack J. Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips

    So Far from Home by Margaret J. Wheatley

    The Social Labs Revolution by Zaid Hassan

    Solving Tough Problems by Adam Kahane

    Standing in the Fire by Larry Dressler

    Stewardship by Peter Block

    Terms of Engagement by Richard H. Axelrod

    Theory U by C. Otto Scharmer

    Transformative Scenario Planning by Adam Kahane

    The Transforming Leader by Carol S. Pearson, Editor

    Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace by Dennis Reina, PhD, and Michelle Reina, PhD

    Turning to One Another by Margaret J. Wheatley

    Walk Out Walk On by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze

    Wave Rider by Harrison Owen

    Whole-Scale Change by Dannemiller Tyson Associates

    You Don't Have to Do It Alone by Richard H. Axelrod, Emily M. Axelrod, Julie Beedon, and Robert W.