Discounts on Bulk Purchases

    If you are making a bulk purchase, you save the largest amount of money by ordering directly from the publisher.

    The bigger the purchase, the more you save.

    If you anticipate using the same book over and over again for training within your organization, large orders make a lot of sense. For purchases of over 500 copies we can even create a special edition of the book with extra pages personalized to your organization.

    We offer the same bulk discounts on PDF and ePub e-books as on print books. When you order a PDF or ePub e-book, we email you a download key and a download link. You can either click on the link to download your e-book or you can enter the download key . When you order in bulk, we simply send you multiple download keys and links whatever number you ordered in a single email. Our ePub and PDF e-book terms and conditions are here.