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Someone to look at something from a different perspective or helping him or her to develop goals inspires Ed. Ed graduated from Western Kentucky University (1986) with a bachelor’s degree in communication. He also holds a master’s degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1988). In addition, he graduated from Walt Disney World’s Disney University. It was at Disney that Ed began to understand what was “behind the curtain” to produce excellence in customer service. He played baseball at Western Kentucky, where he was a cocaptain his senior year. He also traveled with AIA Baseball throughout the Pacific. He has served in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky as a minister of education for several church organizations. Traveling throughout the world has enabled him to gather a unique cultural perspective on life and people. Some of the best lessons he has learned came from candid conversations with people whom he had nothing in common with.

Ed has committed himself to being a lifelong learner. Change implementation and conflict management are areas he enjoys, in addition to teaching and writing. He is comfortable in front of an audience and loves his work. He is never happier than when he is asked to figure out why something is not working. Counseling and helping others to find their passion is another area he enjoys. Challenging someone to look at something from a different perspective or helping him or her to develop goals inspires Ed.

Working with volunteers in a nonprofit organization offers him an opportunity to be flexible, communicate, instill ownership, develop competency, and be passionate. Leading volunteers for over twenty-five years has been a joy and a privilege. However, leading people who do what they do apart from a salary creates a unique set of opportunities. These five competencies have been the central focus of his work. People excel when they grow in these competencies, and Ed has spent his life helping people to excel.

Family is very important to him, and he enjoys spending time with his wife, Patricia, and his two boys, Hunter and Spencer. Ed lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Who Kidnapped Excellence?

What is excellence, and how can we use it to become the best version of ourselves?

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