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    Washington, USA

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    Jeff has worked in the personal computer software industry for 20+ years, holding various management positions. He currently works as Strategic Initiatives Program Manager with Adobe Systems Incorporated.

    Jeff has a strong personal interest/passion for raising his family, as well as eliminating global poverty, both of which led to his involvement in co-authoring the book “Our Day to End Poverty”.

    Jeff has been involved in his community in many capacities: teaching Sunday School classes, coaching youth soccer and baseball teams, as well as numerous volunteer service opportunities, including: food banks, street “clean-ups”, non-profit pro-bono consulting, animal shelter/welfare, house-building mission trip, and Board service for various organizations.

    Jeff is currently involved with numerous global-poverty organizations, and supports them through software donations, volunteer service, economic development projects, microcredit investing and advocating.

    Our Day to End Poverty

    What can a regular person do about poverty across the world?

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