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    Marjorie Kelly is the co-founder and editor of Business Ethics, a national publication on corporate responsibility launched in 1987 and read by high-level opinion leaders nationwide. For over a decade Business Ethics has been the core publication of the movement to bring greater ethics and social responsibility into business. The publication was honored in 1995 for its path-breaking cover story on The Body Shop, which made headlines worldwide.

    For two years, Kelly authored a popular weekly column on business ethics for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Her writing has also appeared in publications such as The Utne Reader, The Progressive Populist, and Hope magazine. Her work has been anthologized in a half-dozen books, including the New Entrepreneurs and The New Paradigm in Business.

    Marjorie is a regular speaker and commentator on business ethics, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, quoted in the New York Times, and interviewed on National Public Radio. She has lectured at the society for Business Ethics Conference, the Association of Internal Auditors, Ohio University, Smith College, and many other organizations.

    A business person as well as a journalist, Marjorie is from a strongly entrepreneurial family. Her father founded Graphic Engraving Inc. in Columbia, Missouri and her grandfather founded Anderson Tool and Die in Chicago. For more information, please visit www.divinerightofcapital.com.

    The Divine Right of Capital

    What if the divine right of shareholders to get profits is no more legitimate than the divine right of kings?

    Owning Our Future

    What if new forms of ownership could prevent future economic crises?

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